Down to the wire. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Brittany Banks learned her divorce from her first husband will take longer than she expected, which means she has to decide whether she should come clean about the big secret to fiancé Yazan Abu Hurira.

In the midseason premiere, Brittany touched down in Chicago after leaving Yazan, 24, in Jordan. Earlier in season 2, the Florida resident relocated to Yazan’s native country so they could get married and start a life together. But after four weeks, she told Yazan she had to fly to Chicago to be there for her sister as she gives birth to her child, which was only part of the truth.

The other reason was because Brittany had a court hearing to end her first marriage. The rapper told Yazan and his family that she was previously married, which is looked down upon in their culture. His family accepted Brittany‘s past only because she told them she was already divorced from her estranged first husband, who was her high school sweetheart.

Brittany hoped her divorce would have been finalized during her trip to Chicago so that she wouldn’t have to tell Yazan and his family she lied about her relationship status. She drove to the courthouse and brought her mother along for support.

Unfortunately, she walked out of her court hearing as a still legally married woman. “I seen a court officer when I went in there and basically, the court officer went in the computer and saw that they hadn’t uploaded anything in the clerk’s office,” Brittany explained in her confessional. “I flew all the way from Jordan for nothing. I have to refile and all this stuff has to be reapproved by the judge. So now I’m going to have to stay in the U.S. longer than expected.”

Since Yazan doesn’t know that Brittany is still married, he doesn’t know she’s in the U.S. to settle her divorce and she didn’t seem keen on telling him the truth. “I really don’t know what I’m gonna do about Yazan. I’ve already stalled him for so long, I have no plans right now,” she added.

Brittany’s mother tried to be the voice of reason. “Why can’t you just tell the truth?” she asked, and Brittany said she was more worried about Yazan’s family’s reaction. “Well, you have to think of something,” her mom advised.

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