90 day fiance star david's girlfriend lana might not be real, fans think she's a catfish
Courtesy David Murphey/Instagram

Fans thought there was no way 90 Day Fiancé star David Murphey’s “scammer” girlfriend Lana wasn’t catfishing him, but leaks from the tell-all finale seemingly revealed the truth. Not only is the Ukrainian beauty a real woman, she also said yes to a proposal! But just because the Before the 90 Days couple is engaged, doesn’t mean they’ll actually make it down the aisle.

In the leaked footage shared by an Instagram meme account, the Las Vegas retiree’s news is met with some serious disbelief from his fellow season 4 castmates. Ed Brown, a.k.a. “Big Ed,” in particular, doubts the relationship. “David, news flash — David, you’re not engaged,” he says in the video. “She’s not engaged to you,” he insists. “And you’re a fool if you think she is.”

The other issue? Lana may be ready to commit to David, but she’s not ready to leave the foreign dating site where they met. “She doesn’t want to leave the website yet,” he tells the other cast members. But while they think that’s a red flag, he’s not worried. “It’s very rare for any of these girls — and I know hundreds of girls that have gotten married here, that are here in this country right now, people that I know that got married this way … They do not leave the websites instantly. They leave the websites usually when they leave the country.”

He does have one supporter from the 90 Day crew, though, and that’s Stephanie Matto. In more than one verbal disagreement with Big Ed, she appears to take David’s side. “I’m actually kind of admiring the fact that he’s not bitching about spending $100,000, whereas Ed was bitching about spending $2 on Rose in the Philippines, you know?” she says in one clip. In another, she slams Big Ed for talking about Lana as if she’s a “commodity” and not a woman. “That’s disgusting,” she says. “She’s a person who goes through her own struggles.”

In the past, the Nevada native blamed “editing” for giving his girlfriend a bad rap. Explaining he “doesn’t control” what makes it into the episode and what doesn’t, he defended his relationship despite how it appears on screen. Now, it seems he and Lana just may be vindicated — but we’ll have to see how the rest of their romance plays out to know for sure.

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