Ready to propose? 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star David Murphey left fans shocked when he finally met his online girlfriend, Lana, for the first time in her native country of Ukraine. But now that he knows she’s real, David has to figure out if she’s ready to get engaged so they can finally begin their K-1 visa process.

“After seven years of chatting online and four failed meeting attempts, I am finally with Lana,” the 60-year-old gushed in his confessional on the Sunday, May 24 episode. “I cannot believe she’s with me and the fact that we are about to have our first date together in person is incredible. All the photos I saw before couldn’t prepare me for how beautiful she is in person.”

After they met for the first time in front of a monument in Kyiv, the couple immediately went on their first date to a coffee shop. There, David showered Lana, 27, with gifts and chocolate. Since David does not speak Russian and Lana only understands English but cannot speak it, they relied on a translator app to communicate during their date.

David and Lana drank coffee and chatted, and said he would get her English lessons so they could communicate easier. The Las Vegas native brought up their recent failed meeting attempt when he drove to her address in her hometown of Pavlohrad that turned out to be fake. He also confessed that after their failed meeting, he hired a private investigator to find out if she was real or not.

“I fired him so none of that really matters anymore because our future starts now,” David told Lana. But she seemed upset after learning that information and ended their date.

Lana eventually forgave David and she agreed to meet him again for a second date. They met up at a landmark in Kyiv, then walked around to take photos together and sightsee before going bowling. At the bowling alley, David and Lana made a flirty bet: if he can get a strike, she’ll give him a kiss. She agreed, even though in her confessional, she said she still thinks its too early to kiss him on the lips. But she forgot David used to bowl professionally when he was younger. After a few failed attempts, David finally bowled a strike and Lana held up her end of the bargain.

After bowling, they walked around the city to take more photos together before heading out to a romantic dinner. During their meal, David explained the K-1 visa is only for fiancés, and they have to be engaged before they can apply. He asked Lana if he thinks he’s “the one” for her and if she’s ready to get engaged before the end of his trip.

“I think a little more time is necessary but I hope that I will be able to give you an answer before you return back home,” she told him. David also invited Lana back to his hotel room, but she declined. “I think it’s a bit early for that,” she said.

In her confessional, a producer asked what she would say if David proposes to her. “I don’t know what I will answer. I’ve been talking with David for seven years but we’ve only seen each other for two days,” she said.

As for David, he felt Lana was the one but he was concerned about their lack of physical affection. It seemed like he was prepared to overlook that, and he was hopeful that he would be returning to America as an engaged man. “I’ve been waiting seven years to begin my life with Lana,” he said in his confessional. “She still wants to take things slow, but I’m really hoping that she will show me the affection I need so I can make that decision to propose to her this trip.” Fans will have to wait to see what happens next!

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