Fans have accused 7 Little Johnstons parents, Trent and Amber, for being too strict with their kids. From control issues to playing favorites, the TLC reality stars might be cracking down too hard on their brood.

‘7 Little Johnstons’ ​Stars Trent and Amber’s Opinion on Liz and Brice Moving in Together

Second oldest daughter Elizabeth (a.k.a. Liz) Johnston ​and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, ​welcomed their first child together in November 2023, which is what her parents were afraid would happen when they revealed they wanted to move in together.

In season 11, Liz and Brice announced their plans to live together, but it wasn’t met with all smiles from her parents. Trent and Amber worried that living together might cause their relationship to move too fast and could lead to an unexpected pregnancy.

Speaking to Liz, Amber said, “I know Dad and I really, really don’t want to see a wedding until you get school done. Because it would be impossible for you to finish your degree if you get married and have a baby. Because once you get married, then it’s like ‘Oh, the next step: have a baby.’”

Liz’s conversation with Trent escalated as Trent expressed his disapproval. However, with Liz and Brice’s announcement of baby no. 1, it looks like he and Amber have moved past the issues and are excited to become grandparents.

'7 Little Johnstons' stars Amber and Trent pose for a selfie. The reality TV parents have been accused of being too strict.
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Do the Johnston Parents Play Favorites?

Alex is the youngest member of the Johnston household, and his siblings and fans alike have accused Amber and Trent of coddling him more than the other children. Throughout the years, his siblings have complained about his immaturity and lack of independence. Even now that he’s a senior in high school, Amber and Trent tend to give him more slack than their other kids.

Anna Johnston has also expressed some frustration with the difference she sees between the way Amber treats Liz versus how she treats her. When Anna approached her parents with the idea of her moving out on her own, it wasn’t met with excitement. Instead, Amber pointed out several reasons as to why it wasn’t a good idea.

Anna told the cameras, “Part of my frustration with mom is when Mom talks to Elizabeth about moving out, she’s very excited about it. They are always talking about it. But with me, it’s the other way around.”

Going Through Son Jonah’s Phone

Jonah, the eldest of the Johnston kids, recently experienced a health scare when he chose to experiment with Delta 8, a form of synthetic marijuana. He called his parents for help, and they were more than happy to do so, but their decisions afterward had a few fans raising their eyebrows.

During 7 Little Johnstons season 8, Trent and Amber sat Jonah and his girlfriend, Ashley, down to discuss the recent events. Trent then admitted that he and Amber went through Jonah’s messages, including ones between him and Ashley.

“When [the Delta 8 scare] went down, we were trying to get answers and figure out what’s going on, we became really nosy parents,” Trent said. “We took Jonah’s phone. We read messages between you guys.”

While Jonah excused his parents for overstepping some boundaries due to the issues with Delta 8, fans felt differently.

“The fact that Trent and Amber are reading Jonah and Ashley’s text messages is disturbing. Those were private and Amber and Trent had no right to do that,” one fan wrote on TLC’s YouTube account.

TLC has yet to announce a premiere date for 7 Little Johnstons season 14.

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