It seems 7 Little Johnstons star Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston can’t see eye-to-eye with parents Amber and Trent Johnston when it comes to her relationship with Brice Bolden.

Amidst news that Liz and Brice welcomed their first baby together, fans are pointing to past drama in which Amber and Trent warned Liz about how moving in with her boyfriend could lead to an unexpected pregnancy.

What Is the Drama Between 7 Little Johnstons’ Liz and Brice and Trent and Amber?

The reality stars butted heads when, in season 11, Liz told her parents that she and Brice were planning to move in together.

When Liz informed her parents of her and Brice’s plan, Amber expresses concern that Liz’s relationship would move too fast. She said that moving in could lead to their engagement, which would likely lead to marriage and a baby.

“I know Dad and I really, really don’t want to see a wedding until you get school done,” Amber told her daughter. “Because it would be impossible for you to finish your degree if you get married and have a baby. Because once you get married, then it’s like ‘Oh, the next step: have a baby.’”

7 Little Johnstons Stars Trent and Amber Problem With Liz and Brice
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In a confessional, Amber said, “I don’t ever regret getting married and having kids young but when you get married your priorities become different.” She added that it would “benefit” her daughter “in the long run” to get her master’s degree.

The conversation got heated when Trent asked Liz, “Are you here tonight asking us or telling us?” regarding Brice moving in and Liz responded, “No, I’m telling ya’ll.”

After delaying move-in plans, the pair eventually settled down under one roof. At first, it seemed the pair’s relationship wouldn’t progress as quickly as Amber feared. In fact, in the season 13 finale, Liz complained that her relationship with Brice had been strained since the move and compared their relationship to roommates.

When Did Brice and Liz Welcome Baby No. 1?

Brice and Liz became parents when they welcomed baby No. 1, a daughter named Leighton Drew Bolden, on November 3, 2023.

“The wait is finally over! We’re excited to introduce our baby to the world,” the couple told People while sharing the first photos of the newborn.

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