Close bond. Hannah Gosselin revealed the reason she chose to live with her dad following her parents Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin’s divorce.

“I chose to live with my dad, I feel like I just made the choice for myself. I have always been closer with my dad and we’ve always had a strong good relationship,” Hannah told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, May 10.

She then reflected on moving out of her mother’s house, where four of her siblings continue to live. “It’s a lot, growing up in a very busy household with lots of kids. And there’s not really a one-on-one relationship, for attention, that you have with your parent,” the teen shared. “I felt like my dad gave me that attention and a feeling like I had a good solid relationship with a parent.”

Jon and Kate were married from 1999 until 2009. Following their divorce, Kate was granted full custody of their kids. However, Jon didn’t agree with the decision and the pair fought over custody of their eight children for years.

Hannah Gosselin Reveals Why She Chose to Live With Her Dad After Jon and Kate's Divorce

Hannah and her brother Collin have been living full-time with Jon, 45, since 2018. Meanwhile, the other four sextuplets – Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden – live with Kate, 47. The exes also share 21-year-old twin daughters, Cara and Madelyn, who live on their own while away at college. However, the twins live with Kate when they’re not at school.

“It was a difficult decision leaving my siblings. I did not want to be separated from them or even, like, live in a different household than them,” Hannah continued to tell the outlet. “But I just feel like there was unfair treatment in my mom’s house and I just wanted to live with my dad.”

Despite not living together, the teen said she is still in contact with Kate. “I mean we don’t really speak on a basis of, like, ‘Oh, how’s your life going?’ It’s more like day-to-day, ‘Oh how’s your day?’ But I’m pretty sure she’s doing well,” Hannah explained. “And I’m sure my siblings are doing well too.”

After Hannah noted her mom wished her a happy 18th birthday on May 10, she said she made sure to share the sentiment with her siblings. “I miss my siblings,” the former reality star added. “We all do share, like, the same birthday, it’s a big day for all of us today. As soon as I woke up they texted me happy birthday and I sent them a happy birthday text back.”

Jon and Hannah sat down for the joint interview one month after In Touch exclusively reported that the father-daughter duo are “so close” amid her strained relationship with Kate.

“The best way to describe Hannah is she’s a completely free spirit,” a source said. “And living in the house with Kate, who had endless rules — there were cameras in the house, the kids had their cell phones controlled — it was a very controlling situation. Hannah is going to be doing a lot of her own stuff turning 18 when she’s finally able to.”

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