You met most of the family on one of TLC’s newest reality shows, Welcome to Plathville, but what about Hosanna Noble (née Plath)? The eldest daughter doesn’t live on the farm with the rest of her siblings and, unlike her married brother Ethan, she doesn’t seem to visit much, either. So why isn’t she on the show?

Who is Hosanna Plath?

Fans first noticed that the would-be star seemed to be missing from her family lineup when the trailer initially dropped in 2019. As parents Kim and Barry Plath introduced their children, they skipped straight from their Ethan, “their oldest,” to Morah, the “second oldest daughter.” As the teaser went on, there was no mention of their oldest daughter at all. When the first episode dropped, it revealed that Hosanna lived in Ohio with her husband, Timothy Noble. Together, they tour and perform music. She’s a violinist, and he plays the piano.

It seems the musicians spend their time touring the country and performing. According to the piano player’s website, they post the concert dates that they have scheduled throughout the year as they travel from state to state. In December 2023 alone, they plan on performing shows in Missouri, Indiana and Ohio.

Why Isn’t Hosanna on the Show?

Hosanna’s younger sister Lydia Plath opened up about why her eldest sister declined to appear on the series in a March 2023 Q&A session on Instagram.

Lydia explained that Hosanna and her husband “decided that the show was not for them.”

“They wanted to live their lives privately and I’m really proud of them for making that decision,” the TLC personality continued. “I think it was very healthy for the two of them to just build their marriage, focus on that.”

Lydia added that the family is “very close” with Hosanna and Timothy. “We talk all the time. We see each other whenever our schedules allow,” she shared. “Just not publicly.”

Moriah Plath previously explained her reasoning in August 2021 about why she felt Hosanna and her husband did not want to join the family’s reality TV series.

“She didn’t want to be on the show, and we were kind of all just, like, yeah, I mean, it’s her life …” Moriah told Us Weekly. “Sometimes we keep in touch to some extent, but it’s also, like, she’s across the country and, you know, it would just be a hassle and she doesn’t want to be on the show.”

How Did Timothy and Hosanna Meet?

The couple met because of their music, and they tied the knot in June 2019. During a concert at the National Quartet Convention in September, the announcer revealed that they’d actually met at the same event three years prior. They call themselves the “singing pianist and violinist duo.”

“God obviously brought this couple together and they are now traveling full-time, along with other family members, doing concerts for churches, organizations and other special events,” their official website stated. “It is their desire that you not only enjoy the music but that you also truly get the message of their songs. Their programs are meant to proclaim the gospel, encourage and uplift Christians, and bring honor and glory to our great God.”

Does Hosanna Have Her Own Music?

According to the family’s website, Hosanna is something of musical prodigy. In addition to the violin, she also knows how to play the viola and piano — and sings soprano, too. Before she married Timothy and they started recording music together, she’d released at least three solo albums. She was also an important part of her family’s band, which she inspired when she branched out from her classical music background to learn a fiddle tune. You can check out one of the family’s songs on YouTube.

Did Hosanna Go to College?

In the season 1 premiere, which debuted on TLC in November 2019, the Plaths revealed that Hosanna had earned a scholarship to study music in college. Though mom Kim had studied music at Florida State University, her eldest daughter decided against following in her footsteps. Instead, she embarked on her own journey to continue learning by playing, with her parents calling it a personal decision she made.

Does Hosanna Know the Duggars?

Though it’s not clear yet how closely the families are acquainted, there’s at least one connection between them, and that comes from Hosanna. When the musician married her husband, one of her bridesmaids was Nurie Rodrigues, who’s currently engaged to Nathan Keller, whose older sister is Anna Duggar (née Keller).

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