Welcome to the fam! 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel Jimeno (née Everett)’s family grew by one when they returned for season 2 of their TLC spinoff, The Family Chantel. Her older brother, Royal Everett, moved back to the family’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, with his new wife, Angenette Everett.

But it wasn’t all wedded bliss for the newlyweds! The couple’s drama over trust issues and a heartbreaking miscarriage reached a boiling point when the Everett and Jimeno families traveled to Angenette’s native country of the Phillippines for their second wedding ceremony. Keep scrolling below to learn more about Chantel’s sister-in-law!

Who is Angenette?

Angenette is married to Chantel’s brother, Royal. She’s 23 years old and from Cagayan Valley, Phillippines. After one trip to her native country, Royal, 32, proposed to Angenette and they filed for the K-1 visa so she could legally enter the United States as the fiancé of a U.S. citizen. The couple had 90 days to wed and instead of waiting the full three months, they tied the knot just one week after Angenette’s arrival.

How did Angenette and Royal meet?

They met via Facebook when Royal was living in Texas, where he went to school and later found a job. During his birthday party at parents Thomas Everett and Karen Everett‘s home, Royal told Chantel’s husband, Pedro Jimeno, that Angenette was the first person who made the digital move and sent him a friend request.

Why does Chantel claim Royal doesn’t trust Angenette?

Chantel, 29, invited Angenette for a girls’ night out at the club so they could bond as sisters-in-law, but the evening was cut short when Royal showed up at the club unannounced. He insisted Angenette comes home after he claimed she had too much to drink.

The following day, Chantel revealed to Pedro, 29, that she recalled Royal telling her that he didn’t trust Angenette because he claimed she was talking to other American men online before they started dating, which Angenette denied.

Was Angenette pregnant with Royal’s baby?

While shopping for Angenette’s second wedding dress with mom Karen, Chantel brought up the incident at the club. Chantel asked Angenette why she thinks Royal doesn’t trust her and she broke down in tears when she opened up about it in her confessional.

“I have a miscarriage. We went to the hospital, and then we found out that maybe I am two weeks pregnant,” Angenette told producers. “And then he doubted it. He said that maybe I hook up [with] another guy in the Phillippines before I went here [sic].”

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Are Angenette and Royal still together?

The couple got into a big fight in front of Royal’s siblings and Angenette’s friends during a night out in Manila, Phillippines ahead of the couple’s second wedding ceremony. Angenette and her friends confronted Royal about his doubts over whether Angenette was pregnant with his baby, and Royal denied her claims.

Things got so heated that Royal and his family left the bar and Royal almost came to blows with a producer who tried to film the tension. Fans will have to tune in to see if the couple will be able to work through their trust issues before they wed for a second time.

The Family Chantel airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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