Setting the record straight. The Family Chantel star Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) has been the subject of breast enhancement speculation over the years since appearing on 90 Day Fiancé, but has she ever responded to the rumors? Keep reading to find out what she’s said to fans who have thought she had a boob job.

Did Chantel Get a Boob Job?

Chantel, who is in the middle of a contentious divorce from estranged husband Pedro Jimeno, finally responded to rumors claiming she underwent plastic surgery for a boob job in a series of posts to her Instagram Stories in November 2020.

“Always had boobs,” Chantel captioned a photo of herself as a teen. “Then I grew up,” she captioned a more recent photo of herself. She then shared a throwback photo of herself from 2009 next to a photo of herself taken in 2019, with her chest appearing to be the same size in both snaps.

Did Chantel Everette Get a Boob Job
Courtesy of Chantel Everett/Instagram

What Has Chantel Said in Response to Breast Enhancement Speculation?

In addition to those photos, Chantel shared a photo of herself taken in September 2020 and continued, “And gained weight.”

“Just wanted to clear that up,” the nursing school student captioned another slide of her rocking a teal blue bikini. “I believe in doing whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Working out, makeup, even surgery. People keep asking about ‘my surgeries.’ I just wanted to make it known that I have not had any, but do believe [in] having confidence to do what makes you feel beautiful [red heart emoji].”

She then shared throwback photos of herself from 2011 through 2015, proving she was always on the bustier side even when she was thinner. “I may lose weight and then y’all gonna be shook [laughing with tears emoji],” she wrote.

To drive her point home, the Atlanta, Georgia, native shared one last message to haters who accuse her of lying about going under the knife. “They want it to be fake so bad,” she teased.

Has Chantel Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Chantel has sparked plastic surgery rumors ever since she starred in season 1 of her 90 Day Fiancé spinoff in 2019, adding fuel to the speculation when she returned for season 2 of The Family Chantel. In an episode that aired on October 19, Chantel documented her job interview for a position as a nurse at a local plastic surgeon’s office.

“Have you had anything done before yourself?” the surgeon asked during their interview. “A little bit of Botox right here,” Chantel responded, pointing at her forehead in between her eyebrows.

In her confessional, a producer asked if that was the only work she’s had done in the past and she coyly responded, “I don’t want to say things that don’t matter.”

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