There are a lot of kids in the Brown family, so it’s totally fair if you’re a fan of Sister Wives and don’t always catch when one of them isn’t around. However, one of the adult children of Kody Brown and his wives has been fairly absent for a while now, and most notably during the March 31 episode of the TLC series that dealt with the family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona — Logan Brown. He’s not only Kody’s oldest son, but the oldest child in the Brown family, period. So, where was he during the big move?

What Happened to Logan Brown?

Logan, 24, has actually been fairly absent from Sister Wives in its 13th season, particularly compared to many of the other older Brown kids. When Kody, 50, and his four wives — Meri Brown, Janelle Brown (Logan’s biological mom), Christine Brown and Robyn Brown — all appeared to be struggling with the move, even with the help of many of their kids, Logan wasn’t on the scene to lend his assistance. And fans definitely noticed his absence.

“Where was Logan? The oldest son was nowhere around for this chaotic move!” one fan wrote on Twitter on April 8. “Does Logan even come around anymore or has he totally ditched the family?” another asked in March. Someone else responded, “He’s my favorite kid probably because he stays off the screen.”

Where Is Logan Brown?

If Logan was nowhere in sight during the move, and fans looked for him throughout the most recent season of Sister Wives to no avail, where the heck is he? Living his own life separate from his family, it seems.

Logan’s fiancée, Michelle Petty, regularly posts on social media. She often shares photos of Logan, and it’s clear that they’re happily enjoying their life together. Her Twitter account shows that she’s working on her Criminal Justice M.A., and Logan’s — which isn’t updated nearly as often — says he’s working on his M.B.A. When they got engaged, Michelle took to Instagram with the announcement and said they planned to have a long engagement so they could focus on finishing their Master’s Degrees and save for the wedding.

By all accounts, it appears that Logan is doing just fine without reality TV cameras following his every move, and that might be how he likes it. Kody has 17 other kids, after all, so it’s not like there isn’t plenty of material for Sister Wives if Logan has bowed out of filming. We wish him and Michelle (and their adorable cat!) all the best.

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