What happened to Amy Duggar? Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s niece had a pretty prominent role on the Duggar family’s former TLC series 19 Kids and Counting as “Cousin Amy,” but ever since the show was canceled after Josh’s back to back scandals in 2015, she’s been slowly fading more and more off the radar. The last time fans heard of her, she was reportedly being “silenced” by her famous reality TV fam and wasn’t allowed to talk about them or post about them on social media — which was also around the time when she set her Instagram to private. But last week, the Duggar fam shared a warm birthday tribute to Amy, which has all of us wondering what was up with their feud in the first place? Listen in to the podcast in full above, and check out the highlights below. 

Birthday Shout-out

The Duggars are known for sharing social media shout-outs for special occasions like birthdays, engagements, weddings, etc. but it was surprising that they still extended a warm message to Amy. She also recently made a rare appearance on Counting On during the scene when the little Duggar girls were recording their album, Happy Heart. So was there a feud at all?

Happy Birthday, Amy! We love you!

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Sunday, September 30, 2018

History with the fam

Amy is the daughter of Jim Bob’s sister Deanna, and she had a completely different upbringing than her cousins. Amy was allowed to wear pants instead of skirts, she was allowed to date instead of courting, she was allowed to watch mainstream TV and movies, and she had a pretty normal childhood. But even though she was very different from her cousins, she was still very close to her family and she appeared on 19 Kids and Counting so often that it seemed like she was always over at the Duggar compound hanging out.

Their alleged “falling out”

Rumors started swirling ever since Amy did not attend her cousin Jinger Duggars’ wedding to her husband Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, even though Amy said it was simply just because she already had plans booked. Since then, the Duggars seemed to slowly unfollow Amy on Instagram and then reports surfaced claiming she was banned from speaking about her famous fam. “Amy is not allowed to talk about the Duggars anymore,” an insider told Radar Online.

Where is Amy Duggar now?

Amy starred in her very own TLC special “A Duggar Leaves Home” — which documented her fail attempt at a singing career — and she also had another stint on reality TV during Season 9 of Marriage Boot Camp. Since then, she went private on Instagram and started to try to slowly assimilate back into normal, civilian, non-reality star life by starting a career in therapy and mentoring young girls. Last we heard from her, she said she was hoping to start a family with her husband Dillon King.

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