You may be a fan of the Duggars or you may not be, but one thing’s for sure: You’ve got something to say! And so do we. On this week’s brand new episode of Dishin’ on the Duggars, In Touch tackled the famous fam’s new album Happy Heart as well as Ben Seewald‘s rapping ability. Yes, that (sadly) happened. We also took a stab at traveling fundie families and Josie: Aka the newest Christian pop sensation. Tune in to the podcast in full above and get the highlights below as we take a deeper dive into the Counting On stars’ many musical talents. 

10/10 would recommend?

We would never totally bash an album created by children, but we can hate on Michelle‘s creepy voiceovers. As per usual, the reality star mama had to make her daughters’ “special project” about herself, and it’s legit cringeworthy. A few of her finest lines? “Laughter is contagious. So is joy. True joy is not a result of what happens to us but because of Jesus who lives in us.” 

Did we mention that’s how the album begins? Yeah, it’s not the greatest first impression. That said, the girls’ voices are seriously adorable, and TBH, they harmonize well with one another. So will we take this on our next road trip with us? Totally. But will we fast-forward through Shelly’s commentary? Also totally. 

Hold up, Ben Seewald raps?

Sadly, yes. Jessa Duggar‘s hubby wanted to feel like he was a part of the musical family (we assume), so he tried his hand at Christian rap. And while we appreciated his effort, our ears were less than thrilled with what we put them through. Luckily, Jessa was there to support her man no matter what, so kudos to her for sitting through that. 

Why are there so many traveling fundie families?

Honestly, I’m more interested in how the heck they’re so talented! For example, my sister was definitely given a killer voice, but you’d totally run for the hills if you heard me s̶c̶r̶e̶e̶c̶h̶ sing. 

Michelle once admitted that she puts her 19 children through “music training” and said that it’s “certainly paid off,” so perhaps it’s just something all large fundie families do? Asking for a friend. And also myself. 

Is Josie Duggar the next Beyoncé?

You betcha. Just take one listen to her version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and you’ll be convinced. 

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