She’s moving forward. Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath shared that she’s looking ahead in the near year after finishing a social media hiatus following the airing of the first season of the new TLC series.

“I can hardly believe we are now in a new decade! WHAT 😱,” Olivia, 21, posted on Instagram along with a series of wedding pictures she shared on January 2. “These photographs from my last 2019 wedding are a very accurate depiction of my feelings …. slightly terrified and unsure one moment, and ecstatic and celebratory the next 😂.”

She continued, “I’ve always felt pressure to make goals and choose a word on January 1st in the years past and it left me burnt out and doubting myself. I’m taking my time this year to really focus on who I want to be in this decade, not who the last decade told me I had to be. Have you chosen a word or a goal? I need some inspiration, so share them below! ♥️”

ethan and olivia plath selfie
Courtesy of Ethan Plath/Instagram

The message was the first non-previously scheduled Instagram post that Olivia made after she announced she was doing an Instagram hiatus. “Just wanted to get on here real quick and let everyone know that I’m taking an Instagram break,” she wrote on December 13. “I won’t be answering any DM’s, comments, or posting content until January. I’ve received so much hate on all of my platforms since our show aired, and while I know that is just part of being in this industry, I don’t need to be seeing that negativity and toxicity every day.”

“If this past year for you didn’t include getting married and moving 800 miles away, leaving your family behind, processing your childhood and re-discovering yourself, having your in-laws speak ill of you on national tv, and dealing with narcissistic behavior, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse every day, then you can’t understand my story and don’t have a reason to tell me why I’m doing everything wrong,” Olivia added. “I want to use my break from social media to love well on the people in my corner and listen to their stories. I want to use the time I would’ve spent scrolling to diving deeper into and praying over who I am meant to be as a person.”

It sounds like she’s continuing to learn who she wants to be now that a new decade has started. All power to you, Olivia!

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