When Kylie Jenner was spotted at the hospital last week around the same time big sis Kim's surrogate gave birth, conspiracy theories posited that the pregnant 20 year old was actually carrying her sister's baby. And while pretty much all the proof debunks that theory, I'm here to make my case — not because I necessarily believe it, but because there's nothing quite as fun as a celebrity conspiracy theory.

Some people like MK Ultra mind control conspiracies. Some think celebs have been replaced by clones. And some like to think that, against all odds, JonBenét Ramsey grew up to be none other than Katy Perry herself. But personally, I think the Kylie-Kim-surrogate theory is the best one. Maybe because it's a lot more plausible, or maybe it's because the simultaneously super secret and super public Kardashians are something of an oxymoron. There's just so much material here — but enough about why I like the theory. Instead, let's start breaking it down.

Kylie Jenner is pregnant.

Point: Kylie is pregnant — with her own baby, not Kim Kardashian's. Even though the youngest Jenner has basically been in hiding for months and everyone in the family has stayed pretty quiet, sources have said that Travis Scott is excited to be a dad. And why would she hide her pregnancy if she was being a total saint and playing surrogate to her sister?

Counterpoint: Uh, why wouldn't she be in hiding? Kylie's whole thing is that she ugly ducklinged herself into becoming totally hot with big lips and a banging bod (even though she wasn't even an ugly kid, she just looked like a normal human teen instead of IRL photoshopped). You think she'd give up that public image for a kid that's not even hers? The whole reason she's in hiding is so that she can wait out the pregnancy, her recovery, and all her post-baby workouts, and then return to the spotlight with abs just as tight as they were before. Plus, neither she nor Travis have officially confirmed they're having a kid — so maybe they're not.

Kylie was at the hospital when Chicago West was born.

Point: Kylie was spotted at the hospital the same weekend that Chicago was born, but she was just there to be a supportive sister and aunt. Or it's possible she had a false alarm for her own labor and went to the hospital that Friday that Twitter was buzzing with rumors to get herself checked out independently of Chicago being born late Sunday night.

Counterpoint: She was definitely being a supportive aunt, but, uh, she was going above and beyond what normal aunts do — by not just being there for her niece's birth, but by giving birth to her niece. Maybe she was spotted at the hospital on Friday for one last checkup before she popped Chicago out later that weekend. Or maybe she had a seriously long labor and is even more of a saint for carrying Kim's kid than initially expected. LBR though, Kim didn't announce that post-midnight Jan. 15 birth until the morning of Jan. 16. It wouldn't make sense long-term to lie about the baby's birthday, but why give out her exact birth-time? It could've been to throw fans off from trying to track down evidence that Kylie really checked out the facilities before a secret, scheduled C-section that Monday afternoon (and doesn't that sound a lot more on brand?).


Kylie sent Kim Kardashian flowers for Chicago's birth.

Point: Right after the "She's here!" Instagram story, Kim shared another shot of roses saying, "Thank you @kyliejenner." The younger sis sent flowers to commemorate the baby's birth and congratulate the new mom of three. Why would she do that if she'd been the surrogate — wouldn't that have already been more than enough?

Counterpoint: The Kardashian wasn't thanking her younger sib for the heart-shaped bouquet — she was thanking her for the baby herself. The roses were actually for Kylie as a thank you message from Kim.

Kim didn't invite her surrogate to the baby shower.

Point: Kylie's her sister, so of course Kylie would've been there — but Kim said her surrogate wasn't. She wasn't sure yet how to explain to North and Saint who the surrogate was, so she decided to wait until later to do that.

Counterpoint: Where's the proof that Kylie was at the baby shower? Where's the proof that Kylie's even been around North and Saint at all since the news broke that both stars were expecting kids? Even in that recent Calvin Klein campaign, we've only seen Kylie around the adults in her family who obviously are all grown-up enough to get it, not the kids. Besides, Kim probably said that because she didn't want people scrutinizing the guest list to try to guess who the surrogate was.

Kim said the surrogate isn't biologically related to the baby.

Point: The mom of three opened up on her website about using a gestational carrier, writing, "Although I have used the term surrogate in the past, a gestational carrier is actually the technical term for a woman who carries a baby that she has no biological relationship to… A traditional surrogate donates her egg, is artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm and then carries the baby to term,” she added. “Since we implanted my fertilized egg in our gestational carrier, our baby is biologically mine and Kanye’s."

Counterpoint: When she said the carrier has no biological relationship to the baby, she was specifically contrasting it with traditional surrogates who are artificially inseminated, fertilizing one of their own eggs. Though she said there's no "biological relationship," what she meant was that the surrogate/carrier isn't the biological mom — which Kylie obviously wouldn't be if the fertilized egg was Kim's.

Kris and Kourtney offered to be surrogates.

Point: Back in a May episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, both Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian talked about offering to be a surrogate for Kim's baby. Why would she and Kanye West pick Kylie instead, who'd never been pregnant before?

Counterpoint: Well, uh, not to be mean, but both Kris and Kourtney are a little old to be getting pregnant. Kris admitted herself in the episode that she's 61 and not exactly fit to carry a child — Kourtney's 38. Sure, it's not exactly 61, and Kourt's youngest is still only three, but it's getting up there in terms of having a fourth pregnancy. Kylie's still young at 20 — and she doesn't have three kids she's already running around after.

Kimye used a surrogacy agency.

Point: Kim specifically writes in her app that they didn't choose someone they knew to be their gestational carrier, but went through an agency instead.

Counterpoint: She's… protecting Kylie's privacy? Just let us have our fun, okay? Until Kylie gives birth for real, Khloé Kardashian has her kid, and all three new Kardashian babies are shown off on Instagram for the world to see, we're choosing to live in purposefully ignorant bliss.

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