Brace yourselves, guys, because this might just be the cutest thing you've ever seen. On June 26, Tristan Thompson shared the sweetest video singing to his baby girl True Thompson. Seeing the doting father smooch and cuddle his little girl is almost enough to make us forgive him for cheating on Khloé Kardashian… almost. Watch the precious video for yourself, above!

Tristan has kept his social media totally child-free until Father's Day 2018, when he posted a photo of two new chains; one that said "True," and one that said "Prince," who is his first born son with ex-girlfriend Jordyn Craig. A few days later, he posted a couple of sweet pictures with both of his kids… his first time being photographed with them, and the first time they've met. Our hearts practically melted when we saw Prince kiss his little sister!

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While some fans can't get enough of the intimate posts, others think he has a not-so-cute reason for sharing them. "All a sudden nice daddy? ? " questioned one. Another agreed, saying, "I feel bad for those kids CLEARLY he has a agenda. [Prince is] almost 3 years and it's now you acknowledge your son… only to take picture with his famous sister? Boooo so shady, when you're genuine people know." Whether or not Tristan is showing his kids off to rehabilitate his image after cheating on Khloé, she's always maintained that he's a loving dad.

Just one day earlier, Khloé revealed after much speculation that she is, in fact, back with her baby daddy following his cheating scandal. When a fan called her a hypocrite for staying with him despite his infidelity, she said, “Not exactly, you have no knowledge of what goes on in our household or the enormous rebuilding this takes to even coexist. I’m proud of my strength. I appreciate your opinion and I hope you hold that same opinion to everyone else who has stayed in situations.” Watching him interact with his daughter makes it easier to see why Koko wanted to keep the family together.

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