In the newest episode of Little People, Big World, which aired Tuesday, April 7, Tori Roloff and her husband, Zach, find out their daughter, Lilah, will be a little person. Though their son, Jackson, also has dwarfism, the news comes as a surprise.

“Our doctor let us know that she is most likely going to be an LP,” the 28-year-old explained. “She is showing signs of achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism that is caused by a genetic mutation.”

“We’re in a bit of a shock, but we always knew there would be a 50/50 chance,” Zach, 29, added. “It’s a little bit emotionally more heavy when you know that you’re gonna have a child that potentially is gonna have more issues or maybe have a different path than 95% of the other kids in the world.”

After learning of Lilah’s dwarfism diagnosis, the TLC mama admitted that she’s genuinely worried about her daughter’s future.


“Me, as a mother, I’m scared to raise a daughter in general. It’s just because girls can be mean,” Tori revealed. “But then also, adding dwarfism to the mix makes things just a little more complicated. Now being even more ingrained in the dwarf community, I’ve seen so many kids that are struggling when they’re young, and we lucked out with [Jackson].”

In addition to the 4-month-old’s diagnosis, the episode follows Chris Marek as he prepares for his proposal to Amy Roloff. It’s refreshing to see this side of the 55-year-old’s now-fiancé, who is typically so calm and level-headed, because he’s truly nervous AF. Thankfully for us, we all know Amy says yes — you’ve got nothing to worry about, Chris! We’ve got all this and more in our newest “Roloff Report” video.

Plus, we’re giving you an update on what the TLC family has been doing during quarantine and spotlighting the best moments you may have missed from the Roloff kids — EmberBode, Jackson, and Lilah. Not only did Tori capture Baby J and his dad enjoying precious bonding time together, but the parents-of-two are also officially TikTokers! Need we say more?

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