Is she The One? Too Hot to Handle star Sharron Townsend seemingly found love with Rhonda Paul on the Netflix dating TV show, and fans are desperate to know if they are still together since filming ended. While speaking exclusively with In Touch, the New Jersey hunk revealed their relationship hit some speed bumps over the last year since the show wrapped in April 2019, but they still talk “all day, every day.”

“Things have been great,” he gushes. They even made plans to see each other again — their first meet-up since filming ended — though that visit was unfortunately postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. “She’s been there [for me] through everything.”

Too Hot to Handle's Sharron and Rhonda Canoodling on the Beach
Aline Arruda/Netflix

“Everything” includes some serious family matters, including losing his grandmother to breast cancer. Working at two schools, including one for children with autism, also got in the way. “I felt like I was overwhelmed,” he admits. They took a bit of a break during the first couple of months after the show — “but once I started to get everything back under control again, we picked back up,” Sharron says.

For now, the couple is quarantined in their separate home states. But the handsome star says their time at the retreat actually prepared them perfectly to maintain a relationship through only FaceTime, phone calls and text messages. “These are the conditions that we kind of met each other in,” he says. “All we could do was communicate. … Now, it’s kind of like we’re back to how we started.”

He’s even been chatting with Rhonda’s son, who viewers saw him meet over a video call on the show. “He’s definitely [a] cool kid … and I’m just fortunate to be able to get to know his mom on a deeper level.” As things get more serious for the couple, he’s hoping they’ll get to be a part of each other’s lives even more. For now, he just has the utmost respect for how the Georgia beauty is handling being a single mom.

“My mom was a single parent of six boys. … [She] was my biggest role model,” he says. When Rhonda dropped the bomb that she had a child of her own, he wasn’t all that surprised. In fact, he thought the news made total sense. “I see why she is the way she is, why she’s so loving, why she’s so understanding … so thoughtful and everything.”

It seems like Rhonda just might be the perfect person for Sharron — and he even hinted she could be “the one.” In the past, a mentor of his revealed he knew his girlfriend was the person for him when she stuck around despite all of his struggles. Sharron says, “No matter what I put [Rhonda] through [on the show], no matter what I told her or how I expressed myself, she was still there. … She was super supportive. She understood me. … She pushed me to be better.”

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