What if a kiss was worth thousands of dollars? On Netflix’s newest reality TV show, Too Hot to Handle, a cast full of sexy singles discovers breaking the rules and getting physical can cost them. But how do they win the $100,000 prize money on the line? In the new series, dropping on Friday, April 17, the stars get the breakdown from Lana, a mysterious, Siri-esque device who knows everything that goes down when these hotties hook up.

After giving the cast a few short hours to wild out in paradise, Lana hits them with the news that this isn’t actually a show for players and party girls to have a little meaningless fun. Instead, it challenges them all to abstain from kissing, heavy petting, all kinds of sex and even, uh, “self-gratification.” If they can stay totally chaste, they just might head home with love and money. But if they don’t, they could get sent packing.

Here’s how it works: Lana — who has several devices set up around the beach and in the bunks — keeps an eye on the crew. When someone breaks a rule, she quietly makes a note of it to herself. And when she gathers the whole cast around for announcements, she reveals just how much money they’ve lost, but not always who’s responsible. Sometimes, that’s up to the stars to figure out.

So how much does a kiss actually cost? In episode 2, Chloe speculates that maybe a peck costs about $10 and David theorizes that a roll in the hay might be around $10,000. But did they get it right? When the first infraction occurs, Lana explains just how much one makeout session is worth. “The rule break has cost $3,000,” she tells the singles — and jaws drop. “That’s, like, a week in Dubai,” Kelz explains. “A very expensive kiss.”

Lana on 'Too Hot to Handle'
Courtesy of Netflix

The price only goes up as the infractions get more serious. After one couple spends a night in a private suite, they rack up $16,000 worth of broken rules. But Lana isn’t against the couples finding love. The show is about growth, and once the couples have demonstrated that they’re taking the show seriously, they just might get a free pass for a smooch or two — or even the opportunity to win back some money. Demonstrate that you’ve made major progress and that $100,000 just might be yours.

When it comes time to select a winner, who will take the prize? If they’ve shown incredible growth, Lana could choose one person to take it all. If a couple has come along way, an even split would make them both winners. And if the whole group has seriously improved, could they share the bounty? Or will a few bad apples ruin it for everyone? Keep messing around, and Lana just might give you the boot.

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