Tom Cruise appears to be in great shape at 61 years old, but sources say he’s had a ton of help from plastic surgeons as he fights the aging process with an open checkbook.

“He does work out like a madman and eats ultra clean and embraces all the skincare and beauty treatments he can get his hands on, including ice baths, massages and fancy facials,” a source exclusively tells In Touch. “He spends a fortune on keeping his whole body in youthful shape. But he’s only human, which is why he’s needed a lot of restorative work, including lipo and Botox. Sometimes it doesn’t look great right after a procedure when he appears chipmunked, but he’s pleased with the results.”

The insider continues, “Once it settles down, Tom has just the right amount of crow’s feet to make it look deceptively natural. The last thing he wants is being stuck with man boobs and love handles. He had them sucked away time after time. He’s clearly cheated his way to a fit body, but as long as there are excellent box office receipts, studio execs won’t mind.”

Over Mother’s Day weekend, the Top Gun star was spotted at Mallorca’s Formentor Beach in Spain, where he went for a swim with filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu. Tom went shirtless as he wore a pair of navy blue swim trunks low on his waist, showing off his toned physique, as seen in photos obtained by TMZ on May 14. However, many fans online also noticed that the skin around Tom’s chiseled abs appeared to sag, which sparked discussions about his cosmetic procedures.

Chicago-based plastic surgeon Dr. David Hill, who did not work on Tom, told Daily Mail that loose skin on the stomach can sometimes be a result of liposuction.

“Usually, if you lose weight naturally over time, you get less of that skin rippling and irregularity, because it’s gradual,” Dr. Hill said. “With liposuction, because it’s more immediate, the skin doesn’t have time to contract as much … so Tom’s Cruise’s saggy skin could be a hallmark of [liposuction].”

Tom Cruise 'Spends a Fortune' to Stay in 'Youthful Shape'
Mike Coppola/WireImage

Still, Dr. Hill said that Tom’s midriff doesn’t appear to have any signs of a botched procedure.

“I don’t see any hallmarks of irregular contour on his body that would suggest bad liposuction, but there is enhanced muscle definition, which is reflective of his earlier photos when he was younger. If they did it, they did it well,” he said.

Perhaps the same cannot be said for the work Tom has had done on his face. A source exclusively told In Touch on May 10 that he is looking to continue getting nips and tucks above the neck, but the process is taking a toll on his appearance.

“Tom’s had all these surgeries and other beauty rituals that have taken a toll on his looks to the point where his face is collapsing and sagging in weird places,” the insider said. “People are begging him to stop trying to look younger and telling him to accept it and age gracefully. But that’s not his style!”

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