The Little Couple star Jen Arnold revealed on a frank Instagram Live session on Wednesday, February 16, that she’ll be undergoing surgery the following morning at New York City’s Hospital For Special Surgery and will be in the hospital “for three or four days.”

While giving fans an update on her family’s move to Boston, Jen, 47, added that “it turns out that the timing couldn’t be more challenging in that I also need hip revision surgery.”

“So, my left hip, which was replaced over 20 years ago, … finally decided to fail,” she added. “This has been something I knew had to happen but didn’t expect it to happen so soon, and so, here we are in New York, one of our favorite places as well, in the city, getting ready for hip surgery.”

Admitting that she “can’t believe” the timing of it, Jen said that before going under the knife, she, her mom and husband Bill Klein are “going to do our traditional celebration of going out to eat for a nice dinner tonight.”

“I’m lucky that my mom is in town, and so is Bill of course, who is going to be here with me for the duration,” she continued. “And, you know, the kids are at home with Bill’s parents, and we’re going to miss them.”

In addition to opening up about her procedure, Jen set the record straight that despite any speculation, she and Bill “are not separated or divorced,” adding that they’re “absolutely together, and we’re doing well, and we’re thankful that the move has gone well, and we’re excited about new schools, and new jobs, and just a whole new town in this adventure.”

Jen’s health update comes four months after Bill, 47, underwent elbow surgery at the same hospital. After showing a picture of his stitches that Jen removed, Bill asked his followers, “By a show of hands … how many of you would allow your spouse to remove your stitches (regardless of professional training ;),” before saying, “I’ll let you know what happens this week.”

Before undergoing his procedure, Bill informed fans in August 2021 that he broke his elbow trying to run away from a swarm of wasps while cleaning his home grill in Florida, resulting in the need for an operation.

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