The Little Couple‘s Jen Arnold gave fans some alarming news on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, revealing that her husband, Bill Klein, is in the hospital.

After breaking his elbow over the summer, he’s about to undergo arm surgery at New York City’s Hospital For Special Surgery. Jen gave an update on how he’s doing via Instagram. She shared a photo of Bill, 46, lying on a hospital stretcher with his head on a pillow. He lifted one arm up and gave a “thumbs up” sign with his hand, as his face was partially obscured by a black mask.

“You’ve got this @reallybillklein, we’ve got this. Pre op testing thumbs up. Thank you @hspecialsurgery for always taking good care of us. Can’t wait to get Bill’s arm back to better!” Jen, 47, captioned the snapshot.

The surgery is due to the broken elbow Bill suffered during the pandemic but was not able to get treated right away because surgeries during that time were considered “elective,” as patients with COVID-19 related issues were given a hospital priority.

In an August 20, 2021, Instagram post showing an X-ray of his break, Bill wrote, “Fun fact, I broke my right elbow when I was 7 after speeding down a hill on my bike, got so winded I blacked out and awoke bloody and broken. This time around, nothing nearly as exciting.”

Bill Arnold Surgery Hospitalization
Courtesy of Jen Arnold/Instagram

“During an attempt to elude a small swarm of wasps, my head forgot that my legs have never ‘run’ (to or away from anything, before, ever), even when chased … and that’s how you plant an elbow on pavers! That was 4 weeks ago 😉 since it wasn’t getting better, I went back for another x-ray,” he continued.

“This image probably has a few things wrong in it courtesy of my dysplasia … but can you find the most recent traumatic damage? Have a super weekend everyone! And get vaccinated 😉 so I can get my ‘elective’ surgery,” Bill added.

Jen who is an M.D. — and Bill did an Instagram video earlier in the day before he underwent his pre-op tests. She explained that he has “a bunch of bone fragments that are now in his joint and need to be removed.” Jen added that the “good news” is that he “hasn’t been casted,” but the bad news is that “he still has to have surgery.”

The reality star noted that the couple’s two children were at home being taken care of by their grandparents and that they’re “missing everybody.” She added that she and Bill were “trying to make the best out of” their trip to New York City for his surgery. Bill will undergo his operation tomorrow, October 6.

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