Brad Fiorenza was betrayed by someone he thought was an ally on The Challenge: All Stars. During the Wednesday, May 15, episode, Brad once again found himself in the losing group and wound up getting voted into elimination with no help from his longtime friend Ace Amerson.

At the daily challenge, where the players were put into pairs and had to answer trivia questions, Leroy Garrett and Veronica Portillo were victorious. Due to his poor performance on the season so far, Brad, 43, was low on the totem pole to be picked as a partner, and he was paired up with Flora Alekseyeva. They were one of the bottom four teams, along with Kam Williams and Steve Meinke, Adam Larson and Averey Tressler, and Laurel Stucky and Ryan Kehoe.

That left the middle three pairs – Cara Maria Sorbello and Ace, 45, Jay Mitchell and Nicole Zanatta, and Tina Barta and Derek Chavez – to decide which two male players would be voted into the elimination.

Adam, 45, volunteered to go in, as he wanted a chance to earn one of the six stars that would guarantee him a spot in the final. However, Brad wasn’t quite ready to fight for a star just yet. He felt it was too early in the season and knew that if he won and got a star now, he would have to spend the rest of the Challenge trying to protect it.

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Ahead of the nominations, Ace revealed to the group that he wanted Brad and Steve to go into the elimination. He said he was certain that Brad would have wanted to go in and earn his star, and was confused when he found out that Brad wasn’t on the same page.

With the Adam vote taken care of, the six players in charge of nominations agreed that Steve shouldn’t have to compete in another elimination, as he’d already gone in twice and won. Jay, 36, and Nicole, 33, cast their second votes on Ryan, 43, while Tina, 42, voted for Steve as a burn vote since she didn’t want to vote for Brad. However, when Cara, 38, Ace and Derek, 36, all voted for Brad, his spot in the elimination was confirmed.

Ace admitted that he considered Brad to be a close friend for 20 years but said he “didn’t make promises to anyone except [himself]” when it came to the game. Meanwhile, Cara also had a longtime friendship with Brad, but admittedly didn’t want to risk getting put on the same team as him in future daily challenges because he had been performing so poorly.

The elimination required the men to memorize cheat codes and then punch them in on a video game controller in the correct order with their feet. Adam won, which allowed him the chance to take a star from one of the other male star holders (Ace or Steve). He chose to steal Ace’s star, as The Real World alum had simply been handed his pass to the final, whereas Steve earned his. Steve previously gave Ace a star after winning an elimination challenge because he was already a star-holder at the time.

Now, the six players with stars are Cara, Nicole, Veronica, 46, Steve, Leroy, 38, and Adam.

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