Coming home? After Danielle Busby and her husband, Adam Busby, discovered they had a serious mold issue, they temporarily relocated until the coast was clear. It looks like it might be time for the Busby girls to move back in after Adam posted a video of his girls exploring their empty and squeaky-clean house on Sunday, November 10.

“Where are we at?” Adam, 37, asked two of his daughters. “At our old house!” they replied enthusiastically. Riley tried to find her old bedroom, but got a little confused with how different their home looks without furniture.

The Busby Girls Explore Their Old House After Mold Issue
Courtesy of Adam Busby/Instagram

Although it looks like the OutDaughtered stars are closer to going home, it is still up in the air, they told In Touch exclusively back in September. “I am not quite sure yet what the future holds with our living situation,” the 35-year-old said. “We are still living this ‘mold house’ life and hoping our home can be completed soon.”

The Busbys learned of their mold issue when experts came to their home on the June 18th episode of the show. “The results are terrifying,” Danielle revealed. “The whole upstairs seems to be covered with mold.”

Adam previously gave us a video update on his “sick house” back in August. “So [to] all you people think that we’ve just moved and [are] never coming back, we’re still in the middle of it,” he said walking through his empty nest. “We’re just doing walk-throughs, now, and they’re almost done with it.”

The Busby Girls Explore Their Old House After Mold Issue
Courtesy of Danielle Busby/Instagram

It looks like their sick house is finally feeling better and they can hopefully move back in soon. Although the girls couldn’t start the school year in their family home, they are “loving it!” Danielle told In Touch. She told us all about their new morning routine and their first day of school. “We dropped Blayke off at school to her 3rd grade classroom and then brought the quints to their preschool,” she continued. “This year is a big change for us, as Riley started the Kindergarten class at the quints school and she will go every day, just like Blayke.”

Looks like some exciting things are happening for the Busbys! Hopefully they will be back home sooner than later.

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