Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice‘s youngest daughter, Audriana, is getting into the online advertising game at the tender age of 12. She’s promoting Bloom Nutrition’s greens and superfoods supplements via her TikTok account, which has many fans saying Audriana is way too young to already be hawking products on social media.

In a video, she showed off a large plastic container of the Bloom supplement, tagging the company. Audriana then explained how to use it, standing next to a blender while putting a scoop into it. “You just have to put it in water, any juice, or even your favorite smoothie,” the Bravo star wrote across the screen.

Audriana was next seen eating out of a bowl with the caption, “Helps with digestion and bloating. Strengthens immunity.” Next up, she was shown in a turquoise crop top and black shorts. “Try this if you struggle to eat your greens daily,” she wrote across the screen, while continuing to eat her mixture containing the supplement.

Teresa Giudice's Daughter Audriana Promotes Supplement on TikTok
Courtesy of Audriana Giudice/TikTok

Fans were aghast that Audriana is already promoting products when she isn’t even a teenager yet. “Since when do 12 year olds get bloating? I’m sorry they’re making you do this,” one user wrote, while another added in all caps, “WHY ARE THEY MAKING A 12-YEAR-OLD DO THIS LIKE WHAT.” A fan called it “sick,” but another cheered Audriana on by writing, “Get that bag girl” with dollar sign emoji.

The Instagram account @bravobetches took notice of Audriana’s commercial venture and reposted the video with “I regret to inform you that Audriana is doing ads” written across it. The caption read, “When I was 12, I didn’t know what bloating was but ok.” One fan commented, “This is actually sad,” while another added, “What 12-year-old (really, only 12?) really cares about getting enough greens and strengthening immunity?”

Up until now, Audriana has been best known as Teresa’s baby of the family. Eldest daughter Gia, 20, goes to college at Rutgers University, while her next two daughters, Gabriella, 17, and Milania, 15, are high schoolers. Teresa frequently posts updates on Audriana’s dancing career, as she’s been part of a competitive dance squad for a number of years … to which her mom has been incredibly supportive. So far, Tre hasn’t commented on Audriana’s venture into paid promotional advertising.

A rep for Teresa did not immediately respond to In Touch‘s request for comment regarding fan reaction to Audriana promoting food supplements on TikTok.

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