Kailyn Lowry Holding Newborn Son Creed With Inset Photo of Chris Lopez
Britney Toy Photography; Courtesy Chris Lopez/Instagram

Ever since Kailyn Lowry welcomed baby No. 4 in July, fans have been questioning how Creed can be Chris Lopez’s son. Now, the Teen Mom 2 star is clapping back at questions about her fourth child’s paternity.

“It’s 2020 [and] we are still confused about how genetics work?!? [I’m] confused,” Kail, 28, wrote on her Instagram Story. “Please stop messaging and comment about my son’s [skin] color. Yes, Chris is his dad. But I’m white, so there was a possibility that our child could be white. Imagine that.”

Teen Mom 2 Star Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at Claim Creed Isnt Chris Lopezs Son
Courtesy Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

In the slide, the MTV mama also shared a screenshot of a comment a troll left on one of her posts. “Why does the new baby look like Isaac rather than his real brother. LOL. Am I missing something?” they asked. “I mean, Creed looks nothing like [your] last kid, and don’t they have the same dad? I’m confused.”

Though Creed and Lux share both parents, baby No. 4 and Isaac are still half brothers, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a family resemblance. The mom of four even shared a photo of her newborn looking like his big brother’s mini-me on the social media site. Despite that, Instagram users have been floating theories about who Creed’s dad might be, if not Chris, for a while. In previous days, Kail shut down more than one comment about having four different “baby daddies.”

“Four kids, four different dads?” one fan asked. “No?” the Hustle and Heart author responded simply. “Who started that rumor?” Another hater who claimed the Lowry boys have four different dads accused the mom of “having kids to stay relevant” and complained that she may need government support once the MTV money runs out, stating they probably make more than she does — but Kail was unimpressed. “If you made more money than me, you wouldn’t be on IG hating on someone else, baby,” she wrote. “Please take your bulls–t elsewhere.”

The “Coffee Convos” cohost has been clear from day one about who Creed’s dad is — and though she and her ex-boyfriend have had drama in the past, she even gave their son his father’s last name and invited Chris to be at the birth. “My entanglement with Chris is so complicated, and it’s so public,” she said on the latest episode of her podcast. “I know that there have been periods of time where I felt like he doesn’t deserve to have his last name passed down. … [But] I wanna do the right thing, even when I’m upset.”

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