Catelynn Lowell slammed fans for accusing her husband, Tyler Baltierra, of weight-shaming her during a 2016 episode of Teen Mom OG. The clapback comes amid her ongoing feud with her younger brother, Nicholas Lowell, who made claims about her husband just two days prior. 

Catelynn, 31, shared a note via Instagram on Monday, August 14, insisting that a previous scene between her and Tyler, 31, was an example of “editing HARDCORE.” 

“I’m not some weak-ass bitch that would stay in a relationship especially if they dogged me on my body! Wtf [sic]?” the reality TV star wrote in her Instagram message. “My husband LOVES my body, and I gave him [four] beautiful children! You all will believe what you want! It angers me that people would truly think Ty is that way and also makes me mad that you think I’m just some weak ass woman!! Live a day here and you would truly see! The problem with that ONE season is you only saw NIPS of conversations!! Remember, there’s usually more than what you see on TV [sic].” 

Alongside her message, Catelynn doubled down in her caption that she wouldn’t stay with anyone who treated her “horribly” and slammed the online trolls for thinking Tyler “would even act like that.” 

“This man treats me and his daughters like queens!” Catelynn added. “He loves my body, adores me, tells me how beautiful I am etc. Now I’m DONE with this! Believe what you want! But remember I have ALWAYS been open, honest, and raw with y’all [sic]!” 

In response, Tyler — who shares daughters Carolyn, Novalee, Vaeda and Rya with Catelynn — reacted to his wife’s social media statement in a lengthy comment. He reassured Catelynn not to “even worry about what these big conspiracies are that these people come up with” especially “after watching nine-year-old clips from an edited show.” 

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“I’ve already told you multiple times that I agree with some of what those people are saying [and] I could’ve definitely used better delivery with my words [and] been more compassionate with helping you stay accountable with your goals/health [and] safety,” Tyler admitted. “[And] I know you always tell me there’s nothing to apologize for, but I still want you to know that I am sorry if my words ever hurt you because that was NEVER my intention at all! But regardless, people will believe what they want at the end of the day, even when you try to tell your truth … so, just #LetThem. You know I love you [and] adore you [and] that’s all that matters [sic]!” 

One day prior, Catelynn took to Instagram to break down the situation. In her post from Sunday, August 13, the former 16 and Pregnant star alleged that while filming Teen Mom OG, she and Tyler “had a producer that always asked about weight.” Catelynn pointed out that “s—t was edited” on the show to make it seem as if Tyler had body-shamed her. 

“I wanted to lose weight for our wedding [and] he has even told me that he could have delivered his words better, but I KNOW my husband [and] his words didn’t hurt me whatsoever,” Catelynn wrote. “Yet, he still has apologized numerous times for it! I legit remember asking Ty right after he answered our producer’s question ‘Well, do you think I’m a heifer?’ while laughing [and] he said ‘OMG honey, no!’ [and] then I laughed [and] said, ‘Well, okay then!’ The other time Ty mentioned something about my weight was when I was pregnant [and] had gestational diabetes. He was at my appointment when my OBGYN told me that if I don’t monitor my calories, I would be endangering my baby [and] make delivery more risky for both of us.” 

The scene in question between Catelynn and Tyler aired in 2016. During the episode, the mother of three told Tyler she was thinking of returning to the Weight Watchers program. In response, he said, “It’s your body, you can do what you want. I mean, obviously, I don’t want no heifer for a wife.”

Despite Catelynn’s defense of her husband, her younger brother, Nicholas, 17, accused Tyler of “constantly” making comments about her weight. He also alleged that Tyler makes Catelynn “cry herself to sleep.” 

“Recently, my feelings toward Tyler have changed,” Nicholas said in a clip that Catelynn reshared to her Instagram account on Saturday, August 12. “I don’t like Tyler because of the way he treats my sister. I can’t and won’t respect a man who tells my sister, says that he’ll love her no matter what, and then proceeds to call her a ‘heifer.’”

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