Someone call PETA! As the daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin is really not a stranger to controversy — in fact, her teenage pregnancy was the center of a big scandal during her mom’s 2008 vice presidential run with her running mate John McCain. But now, just weeks after Bristol confirmed that she is joining the cast of MTV’s Teen Mom OG, she’s stirring up another controversy involving her son Tripp.

Bristol took to Instagram to share what should have been a sweet photo of her nine-year-old son Tripp with his father, Levi Johnston. But the photo was from a father and son hunting trip and Tripp and Levi posed with a dead caribou — which some fans and animal rights activists find to be disturbing. Watch the video above to see the photo.

“So proud of my son, and super thankful for his dad and step mom for providing him with such incredible life learning experiences at such a young age!! #provider #fillingthefreezer,” Bristol wrote in the caption, then added: “(And please before you start calling PETA — remember where your beef/chicken come from… it doesn’t get more organic than this.)”

“You really should put a warning on this crap. And no I don’t eat any meat. Killing things for fun is sick. Blocked,” one fan wrote, and another commented, “She’s a clown and now clown on the clown show TEEN MOM [sic]! Awful photo. Also unfollowing.”

But some fans defended Bristol’s choice to allow her son to hunt, and they didn’t seem to mind her sharing the graphic photo. “To each his own. I was raised on deer, I choose not to eat meat now. I LOVE [sic] animals far more than a meal, but highly respect others decision,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Well, I’m calling PETA — People Eating Tasty Animals. Awesome post! Love the that the family dynamic!! Awesome job hunting!”

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