New normal. Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer supported her daughters as they adjust to their new schooling plan amid the coronavirus pandemic. In an In Touch exclusive sneak peek of the Tuesday, December 22 episode, Leah’s daughter Aleeah went to in-person school while Aliannah and Adalynn stayed home for e-learning.

“Even though it’s just Ali and Addie doing e-learning, it’s still challenging,” Leah, 28, said in her voiceover.

In a scene, Leah checked up on her girls and made sure they were keeping up with their work. “You keep that up and you’re going to be grounded,” Leah warned her youngest, who was behind in her work. After Ali, 11, and Addie, 7, completed their work for the day, Leah packed them into their family’s minivan to pick up Aleeah from school.

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“What did you think about e-learning today?” Leah asked her girls on the car ride to Aleeah’s school. “I liked that my teacher was funny all the time,” Ali said.

“Great, I loved my work,” Addie said. “No, you didn’t,” Ali challenged. “So you loved doing testing and sitting there arguing with mama?”

Leah interjected and told her girls to “be kind” to each other. “I am, but I’m also gonna tell the truth. I’m not gonna sit here and lie to everybody,” Ali said with a little sass.

“No one is lying. She had a great day. We had a few mishaps. It’s to be expected, I’m no teacher,” Leah said.

Ali admitted she wanted to back to school. “You can go see your friends and getting pepperoni rolls,” she said about the best part about going in-person. But the preteen told her mom she understood it was important for her to do e-learning since COVID-19 cases were rising in their area. “So I don’t get sick, and if I get sick, it’s not very good,” Ali said.

Ali also revealed she missed her twin sister while at home e-learning with Addie. “I think Aleeah likes in-person school because she wants to get away from us. She gets very very annoyed with us,” Ali said.

Leah assured Ali that Aleeah didn’t mean it when she says she doesn’t want to be around her sisters. “She thrives in a social environment,” Leah explained.

Once they arrived at the school, Aleeah got in the car and immediately seemed to prove Ali was right. “Do you miss your sisters?” Leah asked, and Aleeah said, “No.”

“Told you,” Ali said.

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