Don’t come for her baby! Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer responded to a fan who criticized her daughter Adalynn “Addie” Calvert’s behavior on the Tuesday, December 15 episode, defending her little girl’s actions.

During the scene, Addie, 7,  was in the family’s parked minivan when she asked a producer for help because there was gum “stuck” on her mic pack. “I can’t get it off,” Addie said. “I kinda ruined one of your mics. Brendan, there’s gum on here.”

“Uh oh,” the producer said and the sound mixer, Josh, leaned into the car. “What did you put on my microphone, Addie?” he asked. “Gum,” she admitted with a smile. “Do you want to take it off for me?” he asked and she said, “No.”

“Could you, please?” Josh asked while Brendan asked her again to pull the gum off of the mic pack. “Why can’t he?” Addie asked? “Because you’re the owner of the gum, and I’m the owner of the microphone. You can find another home for your gum,” Josh said.

That’s when Leah, 28, stepped in and helped to coax her daughter to do what she was asked. “Yeah, in this bag right here, she can find it,” Leah said, looking away from her phone to pass an empty plastic bag toward the backseat. Addie seemed upset that she had to be the one to take the gum off and Leah scolded her. “Addie, you know better with the gum,” the West Virginia native said.

teen mom 2 leah messer claps back parenting police
Courtesy of Leah Messer/Instagram

Many fans were shocked to see Addie not listening to an adult and Leah not stepping in right away to take care of the situation. “Hold up! Was the producer parenting Addie about her gum while her mother was in the front seat on her phone?! Tell me I didn’t just see that! #TeenMom2,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “That’s just pitiful she behaves like this.”

The second comment seemed to strike a nerve with Leah, because she quote-tweeted the user and added her response. “Just to be clear: Addie did not intentionally put the gum on the mic. She had it on a wrapper and sat the mic down on it. For crying out loud, she was 6,” the mom-of-four wrote.

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