After women of Hollywood took to the Golden Globes wearing all black in a statement of solidarity against the rampant sexism and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, a lot of people had a lot of things to say. One of the many voices was President Donald Trump’s mistress/adult entertainer Stormy Daniels, who took to Twitter to vocalize her disdain for the #MeToo movement.

The mother-of-one, 38, took to Twitter to criticize the movement — while denying accusations of misconduct on one of her adult film sets. “Instead of thinking ‘what a great time to be a woman,’ all I find myself thinking is ‘what a terrible time to be a man,’” she tweeted. “How horrifying to have a penis tonight at the Golden Globes. Not all men are monsters. Making EVERY award about your agenda is not right. It’s like Kanye/Taylor on repeat.”

When a fan asked her if she could relate to any of the women active in the movement, she said she could but that didn’t compare to her positive experiences that she felt were unfairly attacked. “I HAVE been discriminated against/passed over for jobs simply for being female. That being said… for each jerk who did that, I’ve had 50 guys work for me (crew and talent) who didn’t give a f–k about what I have between my legs. This blanket man-bashing is upsetting,” the adult film star — who recently retired from performing in favor for directing — noted, clarifying that she was speaking to an issue larger than just the Golden Globes. “It was a general statement, not specific to the Globes. I’ve overheard some disgusting conversations amongst women lately bashing men. I also saw a poor elderly man nearly get castrated for holding the door for a woman at Sears last weekend.”

In the same thread of replies, another adult film actress named Tasha Reign claimed she was the victim of sexual misconduct on the set of a film that Stormy directed; according to Tasha, a member of the crew “inappropriately groped and sexually harassed her.” She claimed that a man grabbed her ass and made “sex humping noises” while behind her. However, Stormy swiftly shut down Tasha, who said she was simply “speaking her truth.”

“You were not,” Stormy tweeted. “I was right there…as were several other people and NONE of them will agree with you. How dare you try to undo 15 years of my reputation and his career. I will not allow it. Find me one person who will state otherwise.”

Though Stormy has since returned to social media — and kicked off a strip club tour — she has yet to address her 2011 interview with In Touch, in which she confirms she had an affair with Donald Trump (she has since denied any sexual encounters).

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