In her explosive interview with In Touch in 2011, Stormy Daniels revealed that during her short-lived affair with Donald Trump, he made sure to cover his tracks — at least when it came to their phone conversations. The porn star claimed that the president only called her from a blocked number when he wanted to get in touch.

“He always called me from a blocked number. He gave me — of course, I had Keith, his bodyguard’s number — he gave me his secretary’s number, Rhona, which is his direct office line. Anytime I needed to get ahold of him, he always took my call or called me back within 10 minutes if he was on another call or wasn’t there,” she said. “I think she would call him and he would call me back from his cell if he wasn’t in his office. The number was always blocked. He called me about every 10 days.”

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Stormy (real name: Stephanie Clifford) shared details from her fling with the now President of the United States before she was reportedly paid $130,000 in 2016 to stay silent about their relationship. In their last conversation, Stormy explained how the former reality star called to apologize for not being able to cast her on his show The Apprentice — one of the many promises he allegedly made during their romp — again from an unknown number.

“It was always a shock to answer a number you expected to be a survey or a bill collector and it’s Donald Trump. It’s always a blocked number,” she added. ‘Unknown ID’ is how it always came up. ‘How’s it going, honey bunch?’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God, Donald Trump is calling me.’ ‘I just wanted to see what you were doing.’ I don’t know if he’d be scrolling through his phone.

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And while Donald clearly had an issue getting a call from Stormy — he had no problem calling her “honey bunch” as a term of endearment. “He always called me ‘honey bunch.’ He’s like, ‘How’s it going, honey bunch?’ she explained. “He always started the conversation off, I think it was always his excuse to call, ‘I just read about you in such and such or there’s a quote about you in a magazine, I turned on my channel in my hotel room and guess whose face popped up?’ Just like anytime he saw or read about me somewhere.”

For more details on Stormy’s affair with the president, you can read the full transcript on In Touch.

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