She seems to be on an introspective kick. Meri Brown posted several photos from a trip she took by herself, and one caption, in particular, caught our eye. She shared some photos from a ski lift on September 23 and said she “took a much-needed break this weekend and went on a mini solo adventure,” then made a rather revealing post in which the Sister Wives star claimed people who used to be in her life no longer are. Hmm.

“As much as being on top of the mountain and seeing such a spectacular view was amazing in its own right, find me a secluded grove of aspen trees to sit in and I’ll disappear for hours,” Meri, 48, began the caption on another series of photos that included a selfie. “Aspens have been my favorite since was a little girl. They take me to a place of peace and calm faster than anything I know. This weekend I didn’t do what I had been planning for months, what was on my extremely full schedule. But I ended up doing what I needed for my soul and my heart. It was actually really hard for this go, go, go personality to set family, friends, work, and everything else aside to slow down and take some me time. I’m not going to lie, there was a little guilt that kept trying to creep in. But I knew everything would be there waiting for me Monday morning. And I needed this.”

meri brown smiling in front of field
Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

The reality star continued, “I needed to self reflect and figure some things out. I needed to address some things inside of me that were screaming to be addressed. I needed to give myself a big emotional hug from the inside out. My big takeaway from this, (obviously among others that I don’t choose to go into on this forum) is I’m OK. I’m a good person. I goof up sometimes, I’m not perfect, but I work to be better. I’m worthy and worth it.” Good for you, Meri!

The TV personality added, “I’m proud of who I am. I love my life. I love my family. I love my friends. These things are ALL important to me and I value them. I value the relationships I have that push me to be a better me. I value the relationships I have that support me when I’m not so loveable. I value the relationships I have that see the good in me and value what I have to give. I value the relationships I have that have stuck with me through rough times and still see me as worth it. I know there are some who have let me go and given up on me and that’s OK. I will continue to love, to care, to be there. I will continue being the best me I can be. I will continue being happy with me. 🌲🌲🌲.”

But who is Meri talking about? Some fans of the TLC series have questioned whether she’s still with her husband, Kody Brown, especially since the duo has admitted to having serious marital problems in the past. She and her fellow sister wife, Christine Brown, have also had a rocky relationship and are “working on it,” in their own words. She and Robyn Brown seem to be doing fine, at least, with Meri admitting back in June that she “trusts” Kody’s fourth wife. So who cut Meri out? Unless she decides to spill the tea, Sister Wives fans may never know for certain.

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