Sister Wives star Kody Brown claimed that his helping pick out Robyn Brown’s wedding dress is what first caused a jealous streak in ex-wife Christine Brown.

“My involvement in seeing a dress that was gonna work for Robyn incited some kind of jealousy in Christine that was irrational,” Kody, 54, explained in a teaser clip for the Sister Wives Look Back: How It Started special shared by People on Wednesday, December 20, as the stars reacted the scene from season 1. “Christine was upset that I didn’t want to be involved with her dress, the problem with the whole experience I had with Christine was that I didn’t really want to be married to her.”

The father of 18 explained that his first wife, Meri Brown, made her dress, his second wife, Janelle Brown, didn’t wear a classic wedding dress and Christine, 51, was “just throwing together a wedding” as he was living far away with a family.

Meanwhile, Christine attributed the interaction to the day she realized Kody “was way more in love with Robyn” than he was with her when they got married.

Janelle, 54, called the interaction a “d**k move,” but added, “Maybe that was the beginning of some shows of favoritism.”

During the clip, which is set to air on TLC on Sunday, December 24, the now-exes rewatched the scene from season 1 where Kody proudly announced to his four wives he helped pick out Robyn’s wedding dress. “Holy cow, it’s like I’d seen it in my dreams, you know?” Kody enthusiastically told the camera in a group confessional with his four wives, before Christine rolled her eyes.

Christine pointed out that Kody didn’t “care at all” what she wore to their wedding and Meri and Janelle agreed that sharing that piece of information was a “slap in the face.”

“I wasn’t even really emotionally involved with any of the dresses, but it’s just weird,” Janelle, 54, chimed in. “And then all of a sudden, it was this thing we had all done together — like the women — and then here’s Kody saying, ‘Oh well, it wasn’t really for real.’ It took me back. It was really quite funny ’cause [Kody was] so excited.”

Robyn, 45, is the only sister wife who remains married to Kody after his splits from Christine, Janelle and Meri. Christine announced her breakup from the businessman in November 2021 and cited his apparent “favoring” of Robyn as one of her reasons for wanting out of the polygamous relationship.

Almost a year after Christine and Kody’s split, In Touch broke the news that Janelle split from Kody in December 2022. One month later, Kody and Meri, 52, announced their split in a joint statement on Instagram.

Kody would later admit during season 18 of the series that Robyn was the only wife he actually fell in love with. “I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love with them,” Kody said of his relationships with Meri, Janelle and Christine during part one of the Sister Wives One on One special, which aired on November 26.

“This isn’t about being like, ‘in love,’ this is about growing a family together, we love each other, we’re required,” the TLC personality continued. “The gospel requires us to love each other, but I never really actually suffered in a fit a passion in this place.”

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