Honesty hour. Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown gave fans an update on their marriage when they visited their counselor to continue to work on their relationship on the Sunday, April 5 episode. During the raw scene, the couple addressed their problems head on, and Kody, 51, revealed their issues goes “deeper” than Meri’s 2015 catfish scandal.

“My question in my life is how do I have a relationship with somebody that after knowing for years, I don’t want a relationship because of the hurt and the struggle and stuff. And I’m not blaming Meri here, I’m just saying we’re trying to heal a very very deep wound in a sick body and it’s a challenge,” the Brown family patriarch said in a confessional. “This struggle that I’m having is way deeper than the catfishing experience. The catfishing was really just a wake-up call for Meri and I. Our problem ran much deeper than that and it’s probably why we led up to why the catfishing ever happened.”

As fans recall, Meri, 49, started an online relationship with a man named “Sam Cooper” on Twitter. Meri believed “Sam” was a business tycoon in his 40s, and their relationship continued over text messages and phone calls. But she later learned that she was being catfished by a woman named Jackie Overton, and their emotional affair was revealed when Jackie released text messages between Meri and “Sam.”

But Kody doesn’t think Meri’s indiscretion is the cause of the issues they are currently having in their marriage. He explained that his main cause of concern is he sees that Meri has good relationships with her business partners, and he feels she doesn’t put the same amount of effort into building similar relationships with her sister wives and their children.

sister wives star kody brown says his issues with meri are 'deeper' than catfish scandal
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“I have no idea what he’s talking about. Like I don’t know what I’m doing to other people that I did to him and now he’s watching me do it to everybody else,” Meri said in her confessional. “Tell me so I can understand how to improve myself. Tell me.”

Their marriage counselor guided them through an exercise where the couple each had a dry erase board where they wrote down things that matter most to them in a relationship, the attitudes that prevent them from achieving those important things and the behaviors that could help them move toward achieving what’s most important. By the end of the session, the couple left with hope for their future.

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