Who needs real jobs when you've got starring roles on Sister Wives? Well, apparently the sister wives do. Though Kody Brown, the patriarch of the four-wives-18-kids family, lives off the TV show's earnings, the mothers of his children aren't quite so lucky. Other than Christine Brown, who really does seem to be just living that mom life, they've all got their own, individual side hustles to get that cash — even if having those side hustles are only made possible because of their TLC fame. Yep, where there's a reality TV star, there's an Instagram ad — but in this case, the Browns are less about #SponCon and more about pushing their own products.

Meri Brown's jobs

Though there were rumors she was leaving the show, Meri Brown is more dedicated to her family than ever — but maybe not in the way that you expect. Right now, she's all about exploring and celebrating her heritage — and she's doing that through her new bed and breakfast called Lizzie's Heritage Inn. After buying back a house that her great-great-grandparents had built, the star transformed it into a little inn in Parowan, Utah. And, of course, she's showing it off to her 107k followers on Instagram — all while wearing her LuLaRoe clothing.

LuLaRoe is the real money maker, apparently — so much so that Meri even changed her Instagram handle to @lularoemeribrown. Because, you know, that link in bio to her own "LuLaRoe with Meri Brown" Facebook group and all those hashtags apparently weren't visible enough. Wondering what LuLaRoe is? Basically, it's one of those companies where people buy the products and then resell them to their Facebook friends or, in this case, the thousands of Instagram followers they've accrued thanks to reality TV fame. And yeah, some people have definitely called it a pyramid scheme. But that doesn't stop this mom from hocking it to her fans and audience on the regular — including the 76,000 people who've joined her Facebook group. This gig supports her B&B… or is the other way around?

Janelle Brown's jobs

Janelle Brown's got her own gig pushing merch — but at least this merch is her own. Her company Strive with Janelle is mostly about blogging and sharing workout motivation on social media, but it's not without its sales, either. Not only can you buy a "health coaching appointment" with the star, you can also help spread the word about her brand by shelling out your hard-earned dollars for Strive with Janelle water bottles, pedometers, watches, bags, aprons, and t-shirts. Basically, you can get pretty much whatever you need to "strive" with this sister wife, and you can also become a walking advertisement for her while you're doing it. Doesn't that sound like a great deal?

Oh, yeah. And she's also doing just straight up Instagram ads, too. After all, FabFitFun isn't just for girls kicked off The Bachelor. Nope, it's for anyone with a substantial following on social media who's happy to shill for their company. And Janelle's almost 94,000 followers more than qualify her for the job.

Robyn Brown's jobs

Robyn Brown only recently started her personal Instagram, but she's been posting to the My Sisterwife's Closet account for a while. Technically, the "online jewelry and clothing line boutique" was launched by all four wives (plus their shared husband), but anyone with eyes can tell that it's Robyn's baby. The mom of four is the main driving force behind the digital shop, writing the blog posts and designing her own lines, but all the wives chip in. And you should probably expect to see more Instagram ads from the youngest wife soon — after all, now that she's got almost 14,000 followers, she's got 14,000 new potential customers to sell to.

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