Sister Wives star Robyn Brown isn’t ready to give up on her dream of having a plural family despite Kody Brown’s splits.

“What I liked a lot about living plural marriage was the team effort, where I had sister wives,” Robyn, 45, told People in an interview published on Tuesday, November 14. She added that she “really wanted that camaraderie” and sense of “sisterhood” that comes with being part of a plural family.

Kody, 54, has gone through three breakups in recent years. His first wife to leave him was Christine Brown in November 2021. Just more than one year later, In Touch exclusively broke the news that Janelle Brown ended their spiritual marriage in December 2022. Soon after, Meri Brown alluded to their separation in December 2022 before she and Kody confirmed they called it quits in January.

“I wanted that experience of my sister wives loving my children and being able to love their children and feeling like this kind of big, happy family, big group of people that really cared about each other,” Robyn, who is Kody’s last remaining wife, explained. “So that’s what I liked about it.”

After acknowledging that things are currently rocky between her and her former sister wives, the TLC personality said she hopes it’s “possible” for them to remain a “family.”

“It looks a little different,” Robyn noted about her current dynamics with Christine, 51, Janelle, 54, and Meri, 52. “I sure hope it’s possible, but I can’t have expectations. I can’t put expectations on people, I’m realizing more and more, as far as family and that connection and spending time together and stuff and operating kind of a family. So I hope and I pray that it’s possible, but that will be that a situation where everybody has to choose that. So I don’t know.”

Robyn’s latest interview about her hopes for the future of the Brown family isn’t the first time she discussed her desire to be part of a plural family.

“I know this just sounds really funky,” the reality star said in a confessional during a January 2022 episode. “But like, I had, you know, people that wanted to date me, and that I was, you know, kind of friendly with or whatever that talked about living, you know … they wanted to get more serious, a couple [of them] wanted to marry me, kind of a thing.”

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown Says She Wants the ‘Camaraderie’ of Plural Marriage
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Robyn then explained she “could have” been in monogamous relationships in the past, though she was never interested in having that type of relationship.

“I mean, it’s not like I had no other choices. I could have had a very happy, successful relationship with some other men,” she said. “It’s just the truth, I’m sorry! I hate saying it because it sounds like I’m, like, bragging or something, but I’m not. It’s just, this is the truth.”

The mother of five then shared that she had “proposals before Kody,” though turned them down. “I said, ‘No, I want to live plural marriage,’ and here I am,” Robyn recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Hey, guys, I want to live plural marriage!’”

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