Is it over? Seeking Sister Wife star Nick Davis revealed his third wife, Danielle Davis, seemingly moved out after a disagreement about expanding their family.

Fans watched during the Tuesday, March 12, episode as a title card explained that shortly before filming, producers received a call from Nick informing them that Danielle moved out of their home.

“I went up to the kitchen and I noticed that all the plants were gone from the windowsill,” Nick told his remaining two wives, April Davis and Jennifer Davis, about the tense interaction. After realizing it was Danielle, who was loading items into her car, he asked her about the plants.

“That’s when she very matter-of-factly just told me. She said, ‘No, I am moving out. I’ve got my own apartment and I’m leaving,’” he detailed to his wives as they broke into tears. “I just told her she has … has to do what she feels is best for herself. I told her I still love her … I kinda stood there in disbelief.”

Danielle joined the Davis family during season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife in June 2022. April was Nick’s first partner, originally sparking their connection when they met in college. Meanwhile, Jennifer joined the family after she and April met at work. The throuple dated Danielle during the docuseries and their nuptials aired during the season 4 finale. Following the season 4 finale, Jennifer gave birth to the family’s first baby girl, Vera, on June 29, 2022.

The Davis family returned for season 5 with a new objective; adding a new wife to their brood. While Danielle was aware of their intentions to expand their clan, she felt it was too soon to add another wife to their dynamic.

“I know the plan has been to date, add more wives and kids but I just got married and we just had Vera,” Danielle told cameras during the season 5 debut, which aired on March 4. “I want to enjoy being a first time mom and a wife for a bit. I don’t see why we would need to rush into dating so soon.”

Nick questioned whether he was jumping into dating, asking Jennifer if she felt they were expanding the family too quickly. “If she is overall having an issue with dating, that’s concerning to me because that process isn’t going to change,” Jennifer told him in another scene. “We’re going to continue to seek another sister wife until out family is complete … That’s what we wanted to make sure she knew from the start.”

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