Self-love. Ashley Snowden has been open about her journey to body positivity amid her struggle with diastasis recti. The condition, which affects the appearance of her stomach, has led Seeking Sister Wife fans to speculate if she’s pregnant on more than one occasion.

“Love my body. But I’m not always happy with her. The female form is complex, mysterious, beautiful … I guess that’s why it’s constantly being observed, abused, shamed, praised and even experimented on,” Ashley, 35, wrote via Instagram in October 2020.

She continued, “I love my body. But I’m not always comfortable with her. Some days the diastasis recti is barely detectable, but when I’m ovulating, on my moon cycle, or just full from a good meal, she likes to show off. I guess that’s why there’s constant curiosity, and why so many feel the need to ask questions that end up making them feel embarrassed or angry when I or someone else responds.”

Diastasis recti affects the rectus abdomonis, which is a pair of muscles that meet at the midline of the stomach and appear as six-pack abs, according to Healthline. The condition occurs when there is a partial or complete separation of those muscles. While diastasis recti can occur in anyone, it is most commonly happens to women during and following a pregnancy, due to the uterus stretching and separating the muscles in the abdomen to make room for a growing baby. The main symptom of diastasis recti is a pooch in the stomach area or a bulging belly.

“I love my body. But I’m not always kind to her. I know she likes to breathe and be free, but sometimes I cover her up to avoid the questions. Sometimes I work her harder than she deserves, to minimize her fullness. I won’t skip a meal, but I may not embrace her on her full days,” the Seeking Sister Wife star, who shares three children with husband Dimitri Snowden, continued in her caption.

She went on to explain that she’s not “always confident” in her body because of the condition, and it often leads to her feeling insecure. But she concluded her post on a positive note.

“I love my body. And really that’s all that matters,” she wrote. “The rest will work itself out.”

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