Seeking Sister Wife introduced new plural families this season, and TLC fans have a lot of questions about Ohio native Marcus Epps. Keep reading to find out everything we know about Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps. 

Marcus Epps’ Multiple Relationships

Marcus debuted his relationship with his wife, Taryn, and fiancée India on the latest season. The series sets to document the polygamist brood as they actively seek another wife to join their family, but not without some serious growing pains. 

Marcus met Taryn when he was in college, and following their marriage, she explained, “Marcus was doing things that a married man probably shouldn’t do.” 

“It was not an open relationship. There was not an understanding that he should’ve been able to go out and have other women,” she continued. After Taryn moved out with their daughter, Marcus got engaged to his new flame, India.

A year later, Taryn and Marcus began rekindling their relationship. “So, when Marcus brought up the idea of polygamy to me, I felt it kind of made sense for us,” Taryn told producers, as she explained she allowed Marcus to continue his relationship with India. “I also really like the fact that I can have a relationship and love another person, without it being, like, a relationship that threatens my marriage with you.” 

What Is Marcus Epps’ Job?

Surprisingly, Marcus is an elected official for his hometown of Euclid, Ohio. 

“Living a polygamous lifestyle affects my profession quite a bit,” he explained in a June 2022 confessional. “One of the hardest parts for us was the idea that I’m some deviant or something is wrong with me by living this lifestyle. But I’m committed.” Despite being an elected official in Ohio, Marcus continues to live in Florida with the rest of his family. 

Marcus Epps Has 10 Kids

On the series, Marcus currently lives with his daughter, Kielyn, son Tristen and his son’s friend JB. 

However, Marcus revealed on June 2022 Instagram Live session that he actually has more children than the ones shown on the reality show. “Y’all know how many kids I have. I have 10 children,” he explained after mentioning producers felt it would be “too much to explain.” 

He added, “My children are all over the world. …. Most men out here in this lifestyle, they’re pimpin’ all over the world. Not me. I’m chasing children all over the world!” 

Marcus Epps’ Domestic Violence Past 

Marcus was previously arrested and found guilty of domestic violence in 2008, according to case information viewed by In Touch.

The charge was filed in his home state of Ohio, and the TLC personality entered a no contest plea.

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