Moving on. Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are reportedly courting a new woman following their dramatic split from longtime partner Roberta “Bert” Pache. But fans of the TLC reality show are wondering who the new woman in their lives is. Keep scrolling for details on who the Merrifields are dating.

Who Are Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield Dating?

While waiting for Bert to arrive in the United States, the couple returned for season 4 of the hit reality series in hope of finding a third sister wife to join their polygamous family. 

It was revealed during a September episode that Garrick and Dannielle have begun courting a new woman. 

“They are currently dating a new woman and plan to meet her in Mexico later this year,” the text over the screen read. While little is known about their new love interest, it was revealed that like Roberta, she is from Brazil.

Why Did Roberta Break Up With the Merrifields?

In order for Robert to be able to relocate to the U.S. from Brazil, Garrick and Dannielle had to legally divorce, per the terms of the K-1 visa. 

Dannielle made the sacrifice for her potential sister wife, however despite her being approved Bert remained in Brazil to care for her sick mother. While they were playing the “waiting game,” the Merrifields decided to begin the process of adding another wife. 

While Roberta admitted she preferred to wait until she was established in Colorado, she agreed to the idea. However, things went south when Garrick kissed a potential sister wife named Lea while on a date in Brazil. 

“To be honest, I was not ready for you and Garrick, planning to have another wife, even before I get to the United States,” she told Dannielle during an August episode. “And that is really messing with me.”

Despite trying to move past the heartache, Bert decided that it was too much for her to accept and ultimately ended her relationship with the Merrifields via text message. 

“I promised that I would get there even after everything on the trip. I tried. Tried a lot,” her breakup text read. “But I can’t feel the same as before. Everything that took me by surprise, I was left feeling excluded, feeling like nothing.”

“It was so humiliating for me, all asking how I was feeling, finding out that Garrick and Lea went beyond just conversation and dinner. After that day, I kept thinking that everything we had that was most beautiful, special and pure has broken a piece and is hurting too much, sister,” she continued. “Maybe for you, it may seem like something easy to go through but here, we have another culture. I’m going to pray, shower, try to get some sleep. My head has been hurting a lot since yesterday, I’m sorry we’re all sad.” 

It was later revealed that Garrick and Dannielle “have not spoken to Roberta since the breakup text.”

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