She spilled all of the tea! Some of the couples on season 2 of TLC’s hit reality TV series Seeking Sister Wife were successful in finding another sister wife to add to their polygamous families, but for the McGees, things got real messy real quick. Bernie McGee and Paige McGee reunited with their former potential sister wife, Brandy, onstage during the tell-all and Brandy revealed all of the shocking details about her bombshell cheating scandal with Bernie.

When asked if there was any intimacy off camera, Bernie tried to play coy. “Even if we did I don’t kiss and tell — but we didn’t,” he said, and Paige added, “‘Cause you told me you didn’t, so you’d better not have!”

But when Brandy was invited out onstage, she decided to spill all of the details about what really went down between her and Paige’s husband during her first weekend visit with the McGees.

“During the date, there was so much chemistry. We had so much fun. Yeah, that was such a natural thing to want to do,” Brandy explained about her desire to kiss Bernie. “It’s interesting because it happened but not on camera.”

Brandy said that “a lot of things” happened between her and Bernie that weekend. Bernie tried to interject and said that Brandy was “overplaying” the details, but Brandy continued to explain that at some point during the weekend, Bernie took Brandy out to show her their neighbor’s backyard.

“I was taken off guard, there was a kiss, I remember going back, and I kept saying ‘Bernie, Paige said that we can’t do this,'” Brandy said. “There was a lot of hands going places, I ended up with a hickey.”

Paige was upset that her husband kissed Brandy during their first visit together and then lied about it to her. Bernie confessed that he did kiss Brandy that weekend, but it wasn’t as hot and heavy as she had described.

Brandy then said that Bernie “tried to bend” her over a chair at one point and hinted that if she didn’t stop Bernie, they would have ended up having sex. “That’s a lie. Bernie would never do that — he’s never cheated on me and he has dated other women, honey,” Paige said. Brandy hit back, “I’m not your honey.” Paige and Brandy got so heated that they both walked off stage, and they continued to hurl insults at each other.

“What kind of person makes out with somebody else’s husband — is a whore,” Paige said and Brandy responded, “Your husband came on to me!”

After Paige stormed outside, her Seeking Sister Wife costars Ashley Snowden, Sharis Alldredge and Sophie Winder rushed outside after her to comfort her. “My husband’s been lying to me all this time, someone I thought was a dear friend lied to me to my face numerous times,” Paige said. “And people wonder why I’m jealous, why I search his text messages and why I don’t trust people.”

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