Matriarch! Mary Schmucker became a mother figure to the cast of Breaking Amish and Return to Amish ever since she joined the show as part of her son Abe Schmucker‘s story line. The beloved TLC star was sweetly nicknamed “Mama Mary” as she provided advice and guidance to the cast as they navigated their new lives in the English world after leaving their Amish upbringings behind. However, fans will noticed that there will be a very big gap in the cast as Mary will be missing from the Return to Amish season 7 episodes — she announced she was leaving the show in May 2022. But why did Mary quit Return to Amish? Keep scrolling below to find out why Mary isn’t on the show anymore.

Why Did Mary Schmuucker Quit ‘Return to Amish’?

Mary took to Instagram Live on March 10, 2022, to confirm that she was leaving the show after several seasons.

“I am not coming back on TV, but a lot of the others went back. I would love to come back on TV, but there’s too many issues that won’t work for me,” the Pennsylvania native said at the time. “I would like to come back, but come back as we are doing now. I feel we should do a story like what happened after the show, where we are now and what happened to us, so people know, but they don’t want to do that.”

What Happened to Mary Schmucker After She Left ‘Return to Amish’?

Unfortunately, Mary experienced a major health scare just one month after revealing she was taking a step back from filming.

“I just want to give a little update,” Mary wrote via her private Tupperwear sales Facebook group in in April 2022. “As you know I have colon cancer and I am scheduled for surgery this month.”

‘Return to Amish’ Star Mary Schmucker ‘Recovering’ After Colon Surgery Amid Health Issues
Courtesy of Rebecca Jane Schmucker/Instagram

Mary later held an Instagram Live where she opened up with more details about her diagnosis. “I wanted to talk a little bit about my surgery. I kind of wanted to cancel but I guess I’m having my surgery in a couple weeks,” she shared on April 8. “I’m going to need your help when I’m recuperating. I need somebody to talk to, so I’ll probably jump on here quite a bit.”

Mary’s daughter-in-law, Rebecca Schmucker, shared an update with fans after Mary’s procedure. “Mom had her colon surgery today and she’s recovering now,” Rebecca shared via Instagram on April 22. “Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers and messages! Y’all are so sweet, and we really appreciate you!”

A friend of Mary’s also shared a positive update with fans two days later. “I talked to Mary this morning,” the friend wrote on April 24. “She says the doctor feels he was able to get all the cancer!! And she’s coming home today!!”

What Is Mary Schmucker’s Latest Health Update Amid Her Battle With Cancer?

Unfortunately, Mary’s cancer battle took a turn for the worse after her surgery. “When I did my surgery, they said they got all of the cancer,” she wrote in an update shared via a private her private Facebook group in June 2022. “Two weeks later they called me and said, ‘You have to come in right away.’ Now they tell me, I have stage three cancer, almost stage four. Chemo will not help on stage four. So, why should I even do chemo? But I’m not taking their word for it; I’m going for a second opinion.”

Fortunately, Mary seems to be doing well despite her battle with cancer. She appeared to be in great health and good spirits while hosting an Instagram Live with fans on March 7, 2023.

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