Return to Amish star Abe Schmucker’s mother, Mary “Mama Mary” Schmucker, revealed if she will be returning to the TLC spinoff series in a live update video.

“I am not coming back on TV, but a lot of the others went back. I would love to come back on TV, but there’s too many issues that won’t work for me,” she said in her new Instagram post on Thursday, March 10. 

Abe and his wife, Rebecca Schmucker, first appeared on Breaking Amish for four seasons and came back for the spinoff, Return to Amish, on the show’s fourth season. Since leaving the series in 2017, Abe and Rebecca have been enjoying being out of the limelight as they raise their two daughters, Malika and Kayla. 

“I would like to come back, but come back as we are doing now,” Mary went on. “I feel we should do a story like what happened after the show, where we are now and what happened to us, so people know, but they don’t want to do that.”

Mary remained on the series after Abe and Rebecca’s departure and later made her exit after the fifth season. Fans were sad when the Mama Mary’s Amish Cookbook author was a no-show on season 6. 

Nowadays, Mary said her kids are all “on the go,” adding, “Everybody is off doing their own thing.” 

The former reality star lives in Pennsylvania after leaving behind her former home in Tennessee, noting how much she missed her loved ones.  

“I was just too lonely there. I needed my friends, so I’m back!” Mary said, telling listeners that she will be discussing her expanding Tupperware business in more live videos. 

Return to Amish's Abe's Mom Reveals If She'll Be Back On the Show
YouTube; Instagram

Fortunately, Abe and Rebecca appear to still be doing well after they shared the news of their exit back in 2017.

“Announcement! We made the decision to no longer participate in Return to Amish,” Rebecca tweeted at the time. “It’s been a long road to come to this decision as a family and to move on to things that make us happy and [bring] us closer to where we want to be. We are living our best life!! P.S. I got my GED!!”

Mary, who is still going strong with husband Chester Schmucker, said Rebecca and Abe are also looking forward to their next big step in life.

“Abe is awesome,” she added in her video update. “I better jump off here and get my work done. I’m going to help Rebecca today. They are getting ready to move out of our home into their place they are renting. So, today we are packing.”

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