Blast from the past!

MTV's The Real World came onto the scene with its first season debuting in 1992 and the show immediately broke the mold for reality television. The premise was to put seven strangers in a house together in New York City and document their lives and relationships.

Viewers everywhere watched as the original cast members — Andre Comeau, Becky Blasband, Eric Nies, Heather Gardner, Julie Gentry, Kevin Powell, and Norman Korpi — indulged in alcohol, tried to live somewhat civilly with each other in tight quarters, and explored what it meant to live in NYC.

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real world season one

The cast at the MTV VMA's in 1992.

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The Real World franchise has undergone a ton of changes throughout the years. Now in 2017, the series is on Season 32 and the cities in which the show have filmed vary from Miami and Hawaii to Brooklyn and Seattle. Though there have been many city and cast changes, some things about the series remain the same: It's all about people, relationships, and life… amplified.

Now, nearly 25 years later, a lot has changed for the franchise's first set of stars. The members of the first season's cast have switched careers, become activists, and even resigned to living near-reclusive lives. In fact, fans of the '90s reality series might not even recognize some of these OG Real World stars as they are now.

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