Amid rampant conspiracy theories about Princess Kate Middleton’s whereabouts, Prince William is growing increasingly frustrated, royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed. The Princess of Wales has largely been absent from the public eye since undergoing abdominal surgery in January.

“Well, I know from the sources that I’ve spoken to that both William and Kate have been pretty shocked and genuinely surprised by the wild rumors that are circulating on the internet,” Katie told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Wednesday, March 20, referring to growing conspiracy theories about Kate, 42, stemming from her public absence since abdominal surgery. “I think there’s a sense of frustration, possibly even anger, certainly on William’s part.”

Katie added that the bizarre rumors that span from “a bad haircut that she’s needed to grow out to cosmetic surgery that’s gone wrong or people speculating that possibly she’s in a coma” have caused William, 41, to become “frustrated, upset and pretty angry as well.”

“It’s been difficult for them. I think they’re trying to ignore as much as they can. But, of course, this is a couple who have had to embrace social media,” Katie continued. “They’ve got an Instagram handle, they’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers. They certainly don’t have their heads in the sand. They are aware of what is being written and what is being said. And I think there’s a sense of frustration that they can’t bring an end to it.”

Katie also touched on the recent video released by TMZ showing Kate and William enjoying some time at a local farmer’s market.

Prince William Is ‘Frustrated’ With Kate Middleton Theories
Sammir Hussein / Getty Images

“The TMZ video really should have quashed all of the fevered speculation about the Princess of Wales. Her health, her recovery, and it simply hasn’t,” the royal expert said. “You would have thought that the video, which showed her walking at quite a brisk pace, carrying a shopping bag, looking pretty healthy and happy, and chatting in a very relaxed way with her husband, would have just dampened out all of the rife speculation that has really been circulating on the internet for weeks now. But, unbelievably, many of those theories are still circulating on the internet.”

The video in question set social media ablaze once more as people began to pick apart the clip in an attempt to prove that the Princess of Wales wasn’t out and about. Speculation from the public ramped up so much that even an executive producer from TMZ even began to wonder if it really was Kate and William.

“Before I would say I was 95 percent when I first saw it. I was like, ‘Oh that’s her,’ and it certainly looks like William, but even the William some people are picking apart. That maybe it’s not him,” TMZ producer Charles Latibeaudiere said during an interview with Fox 5 on Tuesday, March 19. “There’s endless mystery behind this thing, and the bigger question is, if it’s not her, we’re left with, ‘Where is Kate and what is going on with her?’”

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