Four years have passed since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals and moved to California. Visitors to their new website,, might be fooled, though. Launched on February 11, the URL relies heavily on the pair’s duke and duchess titles and even features the official coat of arms she was bestowed after marrying into the monarchy. That, as well as Harry’s actions upon learning of King Charlescancer diagnosis, isn’t sitting well with his family.

Harry flew to London but only spent 45 minutes with his dad at Clarence House before rushing off to Las Vegas to present at the NFL Honors,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch, noting the prince could have “easily canceled” his awards show appearance. “The visit came off as more of a PR stunt than a son who was seriously concerned. Now, whatever truce Harry and Charles may have had, it’s over.”

Not Amused

Charles, 75, and Harry, 39, started 2024 off on good terms. After years of repeatedly bashing his regal relatives — in TV interviews, a Netflix docuseries, and in his memoir, Spare — “Harry reached out,” explains the insider, adding that Charles was “more than receptive. … The father-son bond they share never went away, and they were able to mend things pretty quickly.”

While Prince William, 41, felt betrayed by Harry being so easily welcomed back into the fold, says the insider, he isn’t boasting about being right about his brother in the end. “William was livid that Harry’s trip home to England was so short.” shares the insider. “It’s no secret that he and other royals feel Harry has dropped the ball when it comes to supporting Charles, both in his role as king and now during his health crisis.”

The only time he and Meghan, 42, really align with his family is if it can benefit them. “They continue to want the perks of being members of the monarchy, but don’t want anything to do with the actual royals,” blasts the insider, pointing out that Harry didn’t appear to check in on sister-in-law Princess Kate, 42 — who’s still recovering following abdominal surgery and a two-week hospital stay in January — at all during his U.K. stop. “It’s very sad.”

There doesn’t seem to be a path forward, either. “Most families, no matter their underlying issues, come together during hard times,” muses the insider. “Not the royals.”

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