Pregnancy hasn’t been easy for Abbie Grace Burnett. On Thursday, October 31, she and her husband, John David Duggar, revealed that the soon-to-be mom had been suffering from morning sickness so severe that she’d officially been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. The couple opened up to Us Weekly about dealing with their diagnosis and the several times it sent them to the hospital. Though being ill has been a struggle for Abbie, it sounds like she’s got an amazing partner in her husband.

“It hit her hard, and she was down for probably seven weeks with severe morning sickness,” John David, 29, admitted. “She got diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, and she was hospitalized a couple times. We made multiple visits to the ER for dehydration. … She couldn’t eat, pretty much, or drink or anything. So she was actually on IVs and had IVs at home. So that was a pretty scary time.”

While Abbie, 27, is doing her best to rest, relax and recover, her hubby is staying by her side and taking care of her every need. “I keep her water filled up and her snacks for her,” he said. “I keep her eating and just comfortable. Anything I can get for her, I try to. I run to the store, [get] whatever she needs, just keep her as comfortable as possible when she’s feeling bad.” Her number one snack? Okra, believe it or not. “Our freezer is full of [it],” John David said. “She puts it in smoothies. She has it dry. She has it fried.”

The first-time mom couldn’t be more grateful for her husband’s help, telling a story about how he ran out to the grocery store around midnight so that he could pick her up a heat pack. “He said, ‘No, you need this. I want to go get it for you,'” she shared. “He’s cooked for me. He’s cleaned. He’s just been an angel.”

The Duggar bride seems to be feeling better these days, though. On October 30, the couple revealed that they were spending time on the West Coast. After joining the family for their trip to Los Angeles earlier this month, the duo are now exploring San Francisco. “Just travelin’ along, singing a song, side by side,” they captioned a selfie, quoting lyrics to the popular 1927 song “Side by Side.” Looking good, you two!

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