Not a fan. Adam Busby let his daughters try pickle juice and Hazel’s reaction was too funny. As for the rest of the quints, well, they were unfazed by the sour taste — they’d fit right in with the Duggars!

In the video shared on Friday, July 10, Hazel (sans glasses) puts down the corn dog she was eating and, with ketchup on her face, takes the cup of pickle juice and gives it a big gulp. The entire incident is a total mood and we’re here for it.

As if Hazel hasn’t proven herself to be our spirit animal already, the OutDaughtered patriarch shared another video of the quint about to jump into the pool right before a song came on that prompted her to stop everything and start dancing. We’ve got this adorable moment and so many more in this week’s episode of “Catching Up With the Quints.” Check it out in the video above.

Hazel Busby
@adambuzz / Instagram

The Busbys have made it pretty obvious they’re a family who loves swimming, and Beaux is following suit. The 38-year-old told his fans on Instagram that their pup has become so obsessed with their pool that he even coaxed them to take him out for a nighttime dip.

“Beaux’s been getting into the pool more and more often,” Adam started. “The other night, he woke up in the middle of the night — Danielle [Busby] said it was like 1:30 in the morning — and was scratching at the door and yelping to go outside. So she let him out and he literally walked out of the house and came to get into the pool. Guess he wanted a midnight swim.” Too cute!

In September, Danielle told In Touch that Beaux was a better addition to their family than they could have ever realized. “We all love our little Beaux, he sure is one cute puppy. In all honesty, the girls and Beaux all adjusted well,” she said.

“Thankfully, Beaux is a great dog … especially after letting him go to puppy school,” the TLC alum continued. “He loves to play hard but loves to cuddle more than anything. Blayke and Parker are definitely way more attached to him than the other girls … though, Riley loves to play rough with him. They all love Beaux Beaux (as they call him).”

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