Expensive smiles! OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby was shocked to learn that her quintuplets, Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige and Parker Kate, need thousands of dollars of orthodontic work in a clip for season 10 of the series.

The video, shared by People in an article published on Friday, May 3, shows a quick clip of each of the Busby girls having their mouths examined by an orthodontist.

“Alright, so what’s the grand total when they’re ready?” the orthodontist said to Danielle, 40. “Estimate [is] about $35,000.”

The mom of six quickly covered her face with her hands in shock at the cost.

“Thirty-five-thousand dollars? That’s insane,” Danielle told the cameras. “I should’ve just took [sic] one [daughter]. It probably would’ve felt less WAHHHH,” she added while making a movement with her hands to indicate the shock she felt at the news.

The girls, 9, also shared their teeth brushing habits with Parker who said, “I brush for two minutes every day because you’re supposed to brush them for two minutes.”

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But her sister, Hazel, quickly called her out and said, “You don’t even brush your teeth that much!”

The girls bickered back and forth, and eventually, the clip gave fans some details on what some of the quintuplets will likely need in the future. Danielle was informed that Olivia would need full braces once she gets her permanent teeth and she suffers from an overbite, while Riley has an underbite.

OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby Shocked at Kids’ Dental Cost

“Ava brushes the worst ’cause her teeth has brown spots on these teeth,” Riley told producers during a confessional while pointing to her sister.

“The doctor said you gotta stop eating blueberries and strawberries but I don’t care,” Ava quickly replied and added that she has an overbite and an underbite.

Riley also told the cameras that her dad revealed to her that the tooth fairy isn’t necessarily as cute and innocent as the world seems to think.

“My dad said the tooth fairy’s whole entire body’s covered with teeth. Even the feet, even the eyes,” Riley said before Parker added, “Even her wings.”

Riley then looked at the camera with wide eyes and confessed, “It’s scary. Really scary.”

The TLC show has followed the Busby family since 2016 as Danielle and husband Adam Busby navigate life with quintuplets and their older daughter, Blayke Louise, in the Houston, Texas, area. A trailer for OutDaughtered season 10 dropped on April 10 and showed that life in the Busby household continues to get busier as the quints age.

Fans can watch OutDaughtered season 10 when it premieres on TLC on May 7.

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