They just can’t catch a break! Just days after the Busbys were slammed for not having a fence around their pool, the stars of TLC‘s hit show OutDaughtered are now being criticized for something else. Danielle took to Instagram to share a snap of the family’s dinner — but trolls were focused on their dishware. Watch the video above to see the photo and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

One hater slammed, “I have noticed in a lot of your posts your adorable kids are eating off of paper plates or paper bowls. Why is this? It seems a little wasteful and bad for the environment. I can understand the ease when feeding so much but just curious as to the why behind it.” Another agreed, “I was wondering the same.”

Some, however, came to the reality star’s defense. “They’re busy with their girls and don’t want to waste time washing dishes all day. What they choose to serve their children’s food on isn’t important by any means. People need to lift others up and not tear them down by pointing out things THEY think are wrong.” A second added, “Do you have six kids? Leave her alone unless you’re coming over to do her dishes.”

The backlash was fresh off the criticism she received for her fenceless pool. That time, however, she responded. “We just moved into this lease house and they came to get ale [sic] measurement and it’s on order,” she defended. “Don’t worry… I’m paranoid without the fence. Ready for it to come get installed!”

ICYMI, Danielle’s husband, Adam, revealed the family was recently forced to “relocate” for unknown reasons. In other words, let them LIVE people. Jeez.

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